Ideas and trends – both inside and out

(HIT) – Fired clay brick offers many ways to add natural warmth to your home both inside and out.

The latest trends from the Brick Industry Association (BIA) maximize brick’s no- to low-maintenance for sustainable design in a virtually endless palette of colors and textures:

  1. Classic beauty that you can recreate with new genuine clay brick in home kitchen
    Photo courtesy of the Brick
    Industry Association(BIA)

    Kitchens: For café calm in the most active room, genuine clay brick accent walls, ceilings and islands add enduring warmth and texture without painting/repainting or wallpapering — and naturally offset stainless appliances.

  2. Living rooms/family rooms/man caves: From converted garages to connected spaces, the latest applications include brick screen walls with a porous design and exposed brick walls adjacent to sleek, interior finishes.

  3. Dens/libraries/dining rooms: Through accent walls or the entire space, trends include monochromatic painted brick walls.

  4. Patios, walkways and driveways: From professional landscaping to weekend D-I-Y projects, brick pavers add warmth through color permanence, character and charm; shade trends include grays and whites.

  5. Old World beauty that you can recreate with new genuine clay pavers
    Photo courtesy of the Brick
    Industry Association(BIA)

    Outdoor kitchens: Brick offers many colors, textures and design options to house outdoor appliances with exceptional resistance to severe weather.

  6. Outdoor D-I-Y kits: Add spot-warmth for grills, ovens, fire pits, mailboxes, garden benches and columnsm.

  7. Garden gazebos: Brick spaces with outdoor seating offset landscaping; some include a fireplace for added warmth.

  8. Old World beauty that you can recreate with new genuine clay pavers
    Photo courtesy of the Brick
    Industry Association(BIA)

    Home exteriors: As a heavy, dense material, fired clay brick exteriors offer superior thermal mass that helps save on heating and cooling costs by storing heat during the day, then slowly releasing it later. Brick’s superior durability, protection from wind-blown debris and moisture resistance combined with low- to no maintenance adds lasting warmth with curb appeal.

  9. New textures and colors: For new home exteriors, warming trends include sanded, artisan, papercut wirecut and tumbled textures; and classic colors with Colonial charm.

  10. Remodeling: Renovations that maintain original brick elements—keeping the warmth alongside aesthetically compatible materials.

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Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center