(HIT) – Use hallway space to your greatest advantage. Transform underutilized hallway space into a focal point with the creative use of color! Using paint to add color to the walls, ceiling and floors within a hallway space can turn what was once meaningless space into warm, welcoming areas within the home interior.

Photo courtesy of the Paint Quality Institute

Photo courtesy of the Paint Quality Institute

Decorative Ideas: The deliberate use of color can alter the appearance of hallways.

  • Light shades of color make compact hallways appear larger.
  • Visually “shorten” the feel of a long hallway by selecting a darker tone, and paint the end wall using this color selection.
  • To create a hallway that is wider in appearance, paint the ceiling and floors in a hue that is darker than the wall coverings.
  • Odd shaped hallways can be given the illusion of greater balance by painting the ceiling and floors in darker shades to create a squared appearance.

Remember that for hallway color choice to blend harmoniously, colors should blend with the surrounding, existing color scheme and overall décor.

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