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The Floor and Ceiling Idea File provides information and ideas about interesting floor and ceiling products and maintenance ideas. Click article titles to view each article:

The Look of Wood Without The Maintenance Hassles

People love the look of natural wood throughout the home. From kitchen cabinets to hardwood flooring to natural cedar shake roofs, wood appeals to almost every homeowner.

Minwax® Announces 2011 Community Craftsman Award Winners

Minwax®, the leading manufacturer of wood finishing and wood care products, has selected the Michigan Woodworkers’ Guild of Royal Oak, Michigan, as the grand prize winner in the 2011 Community Craftsman Award Program.

Unearthed Paints Announces NEW Natural Hard Wax Oil Finish

A Non-toxic, Breathable Silky-Matte Finish, Enhancing Wood’s Natural Beauty

A Hardwood Flooring Comparison: Types And Finishes That Add Value To The Home

Choosing hardwood flooring for your home can be a valuable investment.

12 American Hardwoods Tips For 2012

With American Hardwoods as a versatile and sustainable material, it’s a confident choice that can be incorporated into multiple aspects of a home, whether it’s furniture, flooring, cabinetry or moulding.

12 American Hardwoods Tips For 2012

With American Hardwoods as a versatile and sustainable material, it’s a confident choice that can be incorporated into multiple aspects of a home, whether it’s furniture, flooring, cabinetry or moulding.

Living Large In Smaller Spaces

Americans are still living large, just doing so in smaller spaces.

AMERICAN HARDWOODS: The Confident Choice For Eco-conscious Consumers

From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason!

American Hardwoods Offer Breath Of Fresh Air

The beauty, architectural detail, and overall inviting warmth they offer are often what make a house a home.

How To Choose Flooring That Fits Your Budget, Lifestyle And Family

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be an overwhelming decision—not only is it a major investment, but the type you choose impacts your home’s style and long-term value.

Come On Get “APPy”

Choosing Hardwood Just Got Easier.

Keep Your Cool While Saving Money And Energy

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), installing a ceiling fan in each living space will help family members feel cooler while saving energy.

Three Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill

The American Lighting Association offers the following easy ways to use less energy and save money.

CertainTeed CertaSpray® Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Certified In Wind Uplift Resistance

The adhesion strength of CertaSpray can help reduce building damage during tropical storms and hurricanes.

Keep Your Cool While Saving Money and Energy

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), installing a ceiling fan in each living space will help family members feel cooler while saving energy.

Laminate Flooring…A Rich Alternative

ABET LAMINATI reintroduces its Laminate Flooring, a premium product perfect for areas subjected to greater wear.

AMERICAN HARDWOODS: The Confident Choice For Eco-conscious Consumers

Your existing hardwoods can be the foundation, literally, of a fresh new decorating scheme, anywhere in your home.

New Armstrong AirGuard™ Coating For Ceilings Removes Formaldehyde From Indoor Air

One of the easiest ways to improve the basement space is to start at the top with a suspended, or drop ceiling.

HDecoustics Sets A New Standard with Claro-T

Claro-T, the most durable, concealed grid fiberglass ceiling panel on the market today.

An Affordable PVC Tray Ceiling System Adds A Practical Touch of Elegance

The Elegant Tray Ceiling system is 80% less costly than traditional tray ceiling installation.

About To Show Your Hardwood Floor The Door?

Your existing hardwoods can be the foundation, literally, of a fresh new decorating scheme, anywhere in your home.

Grown in America – Responsibly Harvested – Naturally Abundant Hardwood

Industry Leaders Join Forces to Reinvigorate Image and Promote Use of American Hardwoods.

American Hardwoods: Nature’s “Greenest Choice”

Because hardwoods are renewing and so abundant, they are nature’s choice for eco-effective design and building.

Psychology Of Color Is Helpful In Choosing Interior Paint Schemes

Skillful interior decorating is largely an artistic endeavor, but there’s some science involved also, and none more important than the psychology of color.

CertainTeed’s High-Performance Acoustic Gypsum Board

CertainTeed’s SilentFX gypsum boards are designed for use on interior walls and ceilings and can be used for new construction or renovations over wood or steel framing.

CertainTeed ProRoc Gypsum Board – Multiple Performance Attributes For High Traffic Building Areas

CertainTeed Gypsum now provides ProRoc Extra Abuse Gypsum Board with M2Tech to its popular gypsum board offering.

Drop-Down Gorgeous – Five Myths About Suspended Basement Ceilings Debunked

One of the easiest ways to improve the basement space is to start at the top with a suspended, or drop ceiling.

CertainTeed Gypsum Revolutionizes Wallboard Industry With Sustainable Gypsum Board

CertainTeed Gypsum introduces a revolutionary and ground-breaking approach to improving indoor air quality with AirRenewTM gypsum board.

Wood Floors Over Radiant Heat Source Reduce Carbon Footprint

Radiant heat is one of the latest green building trends that has gained popularity with eco-conscious consumers.

Wood Floors Improve Air Quality

Dust, mold and animal dander contamination is minimal in homes with wood floors, which can significantly improve indoor air quality.

USG Corporation Unveils Milestone Achievement In Wallboard History

USG Corporation has created a new lightweight category of gypsum wallboard with the introduction of its SHEETROCK Brand UltraLight Panels.

American Hardwoods, Pure, Practical and Perfect All Through the House

Certified Kitchen Designer Florence Perchuk of Manhattan says the only thing that retained its individuality and functionality in a home is the wooden floor.

Hardwoods In Unlikely Places

Design professionals are saying yes to client requests for the warmth, charm and richness of natural wood no matter where it’s used, in the bath, the kitchen, and even the basement.

Home Buyers See Value In Hardwood Floors, Says Mr. Sandless

Flooring Expert Offers Tips To Improve The Appearance of Your Hardwood Floors

An Expert’s Guide To Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is just that; a solid plank of hardwood milled into a piece of flooring, usually with a tongue and groove on the edges and ends.

Drop-Down Gorgeous – Five Myths About Suspended Basement Ceilings Debunked

Home improvement information on Armstrong suspended basement ceiling panels.

Enhance A Home’s Character With Hardwood Architectural Details

Redecorate by incorporating hardwood architectural details and see how wainscoting, chair rails and crown moulding create a greater sense of warmth and indeed enhance the beauty of your home.


Remodeling? Don’t Forget To Pull Permits

Homeowners should expect remodelers to pull permits for home remodels


Drop-Down Gorgeous—Five Myths About Suspended Basement Ceilings Debunked

Five misconceptions about suspended ceilings so that homeowners can confidently tackle a new suspended ceiling installation.


Hardwood Flooring Must-Know Shopping Facts

Here are some of the things you’ll want to know to make the right choice for hardwood flooring.


Introducing New Minwax® Water Based Woodsheen®

Minwax®, the leading manufacturer of wood finishing and wood care products, recently introduced Minwax® Water Based WoodSheen® …


As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds Iowa Homeowners Are Concerned About Home Energy Efficiency-And Many Are Taking Action To Reduce Heating And Cooling Bills

October is Energy Awareness Month, and today, Johns Manville (JM), a global building products manufacturer, released the results of its annual Energy Awareness Month Survey …


Armstrong’s BioBlock® Fights Presence Of Mold And Mildew In Basement Environment

For those wanting to utilize basement spaces in their current homes, Armstrong Residential Ceilings is introducing one way to help protect homeowners from the harmful effects of odor- and stain-causing mold and mildew …


Introducing: BamLoc™ The First 100% Bamboo Floating Floor For Easy Green Remodels

Today’s homeowners want eco-friendly, healthy living spaces and they want to do-it-themselves. More and more homeowners are turning to strand-woven bamboo for their flooring …


Kitchen Design Inspirations From The Top Down

When today’s homeowners think about remodeling their kitchen, most immediately think that appliances, cabinets and countertop upgrades are the key to transforming the heart of their home.


New All-In-One Hardwood Floor Mop … Shines!

When a hardwood floor mop provides premium, luxurious hardwood floor care for a lifetime, it’s more than a mop—it’s a must!


Beauty And Durability—Top Homeowner Preferences When Choosing New And Replacement Flooring

Whether choosing flooring for a new homes or a well-used room, homeowners today want the best value in terms of classic good looks, unsurpassed durability and easy maintenance.


Easy, Inexpensive Remodeling With Pure Sunlight

Heightened energy prices mean searching out the brightest and best energy sources. Why not start by adding an element of sunshine to your home renovation and restoration projects?


Elegant Hardwood Floors With Safety And Ease

Think hardwood floors are a lot of work? Many busy homeowners want elegant wood floors but have little time available for preserving the life of fine wood.


Basement Remodels Can Be Funtional, Stylish And Affordable

The basement is no longer a dark, underutilized space used primarily for storage. In fact, homeowners’ attitudes toward basements have changed so much in recent years


Closet Storage Above The Fray

Organizing the upper limits of a family home can be a challenge for millions of owners who have discovered that they have only a small attic opening hidden away in a bedroom or closet.


Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Stylish, Eco-Friendly Roofing

Imagine your home with an elegant new roof that offers durability and low-maintenance, too.


Create Character With The Crowning Touch Of Hardwood Mouldings

Looking for a way to add sparkle and impact to a modest home? Some experts suggest a fresh coat of paint, while others recommend a new floor.


Laminate Flooring Made In Italy—High Design, High Quality

Laminate floors aren’t all manufactured in Sweden or the US for that matter.


SHUTTERCOVER TRIM to FIT™ Whole House Attic Fan Cover

Many of you have an open window in your house and don’t even know it, the shutters on your whole house attic fan.


BonaKemi USA Introduces the Next Generation of Wood Floor Protection

BonaKemi USA, the North American subsidiary of BonaKemi AB in Sweden and the world leader in hardwood floor finishing and floor care, has added Bona Naturale™ to its innovative product line after several years of intensive research and testing.


“Green” Your Home with Natural, Sustainable American Hardwoods

Looking for an earth-friendly way to add beauty and warmth to the home? Green, sustainable American hardwood floors, cabinetry and trim add natural elegance to today’s interiors.


Preserving The “Welcome” In Hardwood Floors

“Shine” says it all when you enter a home with elegant wood floors … “taste … permanence, … cleanliness … and downright good looks.”


Leave The Mess Behind, Give Your Hardwood Floors An Enduring Facelift With Waterborne Floor Finishing Products

Family health is an up front ’in your face” issue today requiring homeowners to take another look at building, remodeling, and maintenance materials.


Need More Space? Remodel the Basement with Style

Homeowners’ attitudes toward basements have changed so much in recent years that builders and real estate agents now commonly market basements as “lower levels.”


Hardwood Floors can be Less Expensive Than Cheaper Alternatives, and Healthier, Too

Homeowners love everything about hardwood floors except the cost. Yet, according to industry experts, if homeowners consider other factors beyond initial purchase price and installation, they will find that hardwoods are actually less expensive


Hardwood Floors Shine In The 21st Century

Gone are the days of difficult hardwood floor refinishing projects. Now you can have beautiful hardwood floors in your home without the difficulties of dusty, toxic and generally unhealthy downtime


Tips For Preserving And Enhancing The Hardwood Floors In Your Home

You’ll shine and so will your hardwood floor when you use the right care to keep it looking like new.


New Hardwood Guide Solves Decorating Dilemma:

To match, or to mix? That’s the toughest question, according to home decorators trying to decide which hardwoods and stain colors to choose for their floors, cabinets, furniture and trim.


New Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver Restores Beauty and Luster

Minwax Hardwood Floor Reviver is a clear, protective topcoat that can be used to rejuvenate scuffed, scratched and dulled hardwood floor finishes with one easy application.


Vinyl Floor Tile Advantages

Many homeowners are on a tight budget, but that doesn’t have to rule out improvements that can freshen up your home’s look. One easy-to-do and economical home decorating idea is do-it-yourself installation of new vinyl floor tiles.


Ceramic Tile With A Natural Stone Look

Dunedrift, Desert Blush, Sunset and Prairie. They might sound like answers to a pop quiz on the great outdoors, but they’re actually color names for stone-like ceramic tiles available from American Olean, a leading ceramic tile manufacturer.


Ceiling Tile Choices: Important Considerations For Do-It-Yourself Remodelers

Ceiling tile is more than an attractive alternative to bare ceiling joists in a basement. Sure they look good, but ceiling tiles can also serve important functions in your home … if you choose ceiling tile products and systems carefully.


Colonial Style Ceramic Tile: Ceramic Tile With A Unique Sense Of History

With colonial style ceramic tile options, it’s easier than ever to recreate the elegance, style and architectural interest of bygone eras today … right in your own home.


Natural Flooring Products Gain Popularity

Natural flooring products can turn an ordinary household’s hallway into a virtual work of art. Learn about the latest trends in “floorware” and how you can use natural flooring products to enhance your home’s appearance.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing–Make Old Hardwood Floors Look New

Hardwood floor refinishing is easier than you might think. BonaKemi manufactures a variety of hardwood floor care products, including the company’s Bona® Swedish Formula® Hardwood Floor Refresher, which is a “do-it-yourself” maintenance coating for worn polyurethane-finished hardwood floors.


Domes, Vaults And Arches Are Now A Reality At Home

Elaborate ceiling styles are now a reality for homeowners. Learn about ceiling construction products that are available to help transform ordinary homes into architectural wonders, and with surprising simplicity.


When Remodeling The Basement, Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Basement ceilings can be highly attractive while retaining the important functionality of providing easy access to plumbing, vents and wiring when needed. New ceiling tile systems are well within the abilities of most homeowners for self installation.


Ceilings Add Style & Texture

From subtle textures to bold patterns and designs, modern ceiling tile products are a great place to start when planning your next home remodeling project.


Restore Natural Beauty And Gloss To Worn Polyurethane-Finished Hardwood Floors

From hardwood floor refinishing products to products that can help preserve a floor in good condition, Bona Kemi brand products have been the choice of many homeowners for generations.


Microfiber Cleans Floors And Controls Allergens

Clean floors make for a healthier home environment. Learn how BonaKemi’s Microfiber cleaning sytstem can help control allergens and make thorough floor cleaning a breeze.


Wood Floor Refinishing Pioneer BonaKemi USA Earns Greenguard Certification

About the only thing nastier than a worn out hardwood floor is the dusty, VOC-filled proposition of stripping and refinishing. Unless, of course, you locate a floor refinishing contractor that uses BonaKemi’s patented Dust Containment Technology and Low-VOC Waterborne Hardwood Floor Finishes.


Parqcolor Gold … A Rich Alternative

Abet’s Parqcolor Gold premium laminate flooring product offers incredible durability for high traffic environments.


Strada Concrete Floor Tile From Ann Sacks Combines Strength And Beauty

Concrete flooring is catching on as an attractive, low maintenance alternative to hardwoods and other flooring alternatives. Ann Sacks’ new Strata concrete floor tile provides all of the advantages of concrete flooring in a remodeler-friendly concrete floor tile.


Remarkable New Mesquite Tile For Ann Sacks Offers A Lasting Organic Beauty

For homeowners with “exquisite” tastes, Ann Sacks’ new Mesquite Tile is, as the name suggests, made from mesquite wood harvested in Texas.


Armstrong Residential Ceilings Continue To Explore The “Fifth Wall”

Now known in interior design circles as “the fifth wall,” ceiling are finally getting due respect and attention as an open canvas for creative decorating techniques.


Insulation For Your Cathedral Ceilings

Homeowner’s considering a cathedral ceiling for their new home should talk to their contractors about the insulation methods and products planned for use in the ceiling. CertainTeed’s cathedral ceiling insulation products, for example, offer significant energy savings potential.


Inspired To Redecorate? Look Up To Expand Your Boundaries

Tired of living in a plain white box? Many homeowners are specifying ceiling products with architectural interest over simple, smooth drywall ceilings, and with astounding results.


No More Matching! Mix Hardwoods To Create A Colorful, Cozy Look In Every Room

More tips and information from the American Hardwood Association to help homeowners mix and match hardwoods to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in their homes.


Decorative Trim Enhances Recessed Downlights

Recessed lighting offers unique advantages over other forms of lighting. Now, a leader in the recessed lighting industry offers stylish trim accessories to help improve the appearance of both new and existing recessed lighting fixtures.


Installing Ceramic Floor Tile

The durability and sensible style of ceramic tile is well established. Lesser known is that, with a little homework and proper preparation, ceramic floor tile installation is not beyond the realm of the handy do-it-yourselfer. Here are some tips to help get you started.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning myths are abundant. Here are some tips from industry experts to help you clean your carpeting effectively.


Tips For Proper Carpet Care

Instinctive attempts to protect new carpeting by covering it with plastic aren’t as wise as you might think. Follow these simple steps to help protect your new carpet investment.


Vinyl Floor Maintenance Tips

The casual maintenance requirements for vinyl flooring make this product an attractive flooring option for homeowners. Here are some tips from Congoleum to help you keep your vinyl floor in top shape.


Easy Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Proper hardwood floor care is particularly important to help preserve the protective coatings applied at the flooring factory. Here are some tips for easy hardwood floor maintenance.


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