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With Trane’s ComfortLink II Thermostat, Saving Energy and Lowering Bills Has Never Been So Easy!

Trane offers a full suite of reliable, innovate thermostats that provide safety, comfort and efficiency options.

Kohlers Toobi Bath Faucet Line Combines Swappable Colors, A Sleek Whimsical Design

Kohler Co. will introduce the ToobiTM faucet line, a thoroughly original design that combines a clean, modern form with a colored spout liner than can be easily swapped out with other hues.

New CertainTeed WideWrap™ Duct Wrap Decreases Jobsite Waste, Saves Labor

This saves time and labor costs for contractors, as it allows them to use less expensive in-shop labor to wrap ducts, and with a standard application of duct wrap, installations will have a cleaner look.

New Wheatland And Lawnfield Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks Make Premium Material Attainable

Kohler, one of only a few plumbing manufacturer who produce cast iron products in the US, launches two new kitchen sinks made from premium enameled cast iron.

The “Finish”-ed Product: New Research From Moen® Uncovers The Hottest Finish Trends In The Kitchen And Bath

Consumers are concerned with every detail of a kitchen and bathroom project, especially the finish of their new fixtures.

Beyond Builders Basics

It’s easy to bust out of builder basics and add a few easy and inexpensive updates to make your cookie-cutter home stand out from the rest.

Battening Down The Winter Home

Getting a head start on important home maintenance can pay in terms of damage that doesn’t happen over those lengthy winter months.

ColorTouch Touch Screen Thermostat From Venstar

ColorTouch, the multi-functional, simple-to-use, richly featured, programmable touch screen thermostat.

CertainTeed Unveils New Name, Look For Industry’s Greenest Fiberglass Duct Liner

ToughGard® 2 Textile Duct Liner from CertainTeed Corporation is taking on a new name and look.

Moen Adds Comfort, Functionality And Style To Pullout Kitchen Faucet With New Soft Grip Finish

New Soft Grip finish marks another design achievement, offering comfort, functionality and style to pullout kitchen faucets.

Backyard Ponds Add Value, Lift Spirits

Backyard water features, like ponds and waterfalls, go a long way toward adding monetary value to your home.

Nine Maintenance Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Inspecting important systems from a safety perspective and making note of routine maintenance chores that need attention-is a great way to get started

Wood Floors Over Radiant Heat Source Reduce Carbon Footprint

Radiant heat is one of the latest green building trends that has gained popularity with eco-conscious consumers.

New Method™ Faucet Collection From Moen

Method faucets make a modern statement at the sink in both a single-handle, single-hole mount with optional vessel extension to accommodate vessel sink applications

Control Indoor Water And Mold Damage With An Easy-To-Use Solenoid Shut-Down Device

Installed to sense the presence of water and immediately transmit a wireless signal that SHUTS OFF the main water supply.

Take Advantage Of Updated Energy Tax Credits With Follansbee® Metal Roofing

As a result of the new stimulus package, homeowners who make energy-efficient updates to their homes may be eligible for a tax credit up to $1,500.

Survey: Nearly Half of U.S. Homeowners Who Are Aware of The Newly Created Energy Efficiency Tax Credits Intend to Make a Qualified Purchase in 2009

More than two-thirds of survey respondents, or 68 percent, said they were aware of the newly created federal energy efficiency tax credits …

Making The Most Of Residential Energy Efficiency Federal Tax Credits Included In The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009

The newly reinstated federal tax credits for residential energy efficiency makes 2009 the perfect time for American homeowners to evaluate their homes.

CertainTeed CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding Reduces Home Energy Costs While Improving Exterior Aesthetics

Approximately 40 percent of the energy lost through a traditionally insulated wood framed wall is through the wood studs that comprise up to a quarter of a home’s exterior.

As Energy Costs Rise, Survey Finds Iowa Homeowners Are Concerned About Home Energy Efficiency-And Many Are Taking Action To Reduce Heating And Cooling Bills

October is Energy Awareness Month, and today, Johns Manville (JM), a global building products manufacturer, released the results of its annual Energy Awareness Month Survey …

Tips To Help Reduce Heating Bills And Increase Comfort

Heightened energy prices mean searching out the brightest and best energy sources. Why not start by adding an element of sunshine to your home renovation and restoration projects?

Easy, Inexpensive Remodeling With Pure Sunlight

Heightened energy prices mean searching out the brightest and best energy sources. Why not start by adding an element of sunshine to your home renovation and restoration projects?

Why Don’t We Heat Our Homes With Banana Peels And Coffee Grounds?

Remember watching the popular movie Back to the Future in 1985? While Marty McFly struggled to find the fuel necessary to power his De Lorean …

Burning Corn To Stay Warm Isn’t Raising The Cost Of Your Groceries

Mike Haefner was driving through South Dakota last fall when he stumbled upon hundreds of thousands of bushels of corn dumped on the ground …

SAFETOUCH™ Fiberglass-Free Insulation Recieves Breakthrough Award

SAFETOUCH won a Breakthrough Award because it solved a long-standing problem for those installing home insulation. Do-it-yourselfers have long avoided installing home …

Light Up Some Energy Savings

Looking for some bright ideas to lower your home’s lighting bill? The Edison Electric Institute offers you the following simple, easy, and low-cost tips to start saving today

Did You Know?

Your electric company is a great source for energy saving ideas, programs and services. The electric company can help you get more value from every dollar you spend on electricity.

Plug Into Power Company for Energy Savings

The energy needed to power, light, heat, and cool the typical home grows bigger each year. Larger houses with more electric appliances are the reasons why.

Cook Up Some Energy Savings

Your kitchen can be a great place to cook up some energy savings! Today’s electric ovens offer many new features that reduce cooking time, according to the Edison Electric Institute.

Test Your Energy Smarts!

Since Thomas Edison’s first power plant lit up 800 light bulbs in New York City on the evening of September 4, 1882, electricity has become our most prevalent energy form.

Home Electronics Use Growing

Could you live without your computer? What about a cell phone? Or microwave? Or television and DVD player? If your home is like most, it has an ever-growing number of appliances …

Is your Home Wasting Energy?

If it’s not adequately insulated, it probably is, according to Edison Electric Institute. Insulation helps your house keep you comfortable.

Low, No Cost Energy Saving Tips

You know that making your home more energy efficient can help you save money. But did you know that you making your home more efficient doesn’t take a lot of work?

New—Saving Technology Shuts Off All Standby Power In A Home With Just One Switch

A new energy saving product hit the U.S. residential home market this month, providing homeowners the ability to effortlessly and expediently turn off all electronics not being used throughout a home with just one master switch.

American Energy Systems Inc. Leads The World In Renewable Energy Heating Appliances

Over 34 years ago American Energy Systems Inc.; the manufacture of MagnuM corn, wood pellet, biomass, agri-fuel burning heating appliances, made a commitment to producing only biomass …

SHUTTERCOVER TRIM to FIT™ Whole House Attic Fan Cover

Many of you have an open window in your house and don’t even know it, the shutters on your whole house attic fan.

New — Patented Wireless Remote Controlled Water Security System

A new Wireless Remote Controlled Water System developed by Millennium International Development Corporation can prevent damage to property and can save homeowners water and money.


EEI, Alliance to Save Energy, and NBC Universal’s SCI-FI Channel Launch Energy-Efficiency Home Makeover Contest, Campaign

A more energy-efficient future is the focus of a new contest being launched today by Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the Alliance to Save Energy, and NBC Universal’s SCI FI Channel.


Energy Efficient Multi-Speed Furnaces And Air Conditioners Add Greater Comfort And Savings

Since the biggest users of energy in the home are furnaces and air conditioners, smart homeowners look for ways to save on their utility bills by increasing the energy efficiency of their air conditioners and furnaces.


Your Home’s Secret Energy Users

Are electronics equipment and home appliances eating away at your paycheck? You bet. TV’s, game consoles, VCRs, computers and other home electronics items often pull a trickle charge to power internal clocks and memory. Learn more in this informative article from the Edison Electric Institute.


Cook Up Some Energy Savings

Newer electric ovens offer many conveniences for homeowners. Among these advantages are features that can help reduce cooking times, and in the process, they help save energy too.


Year Round Energy Savings

Learn which systems in your home are the biggest energy users—and what you can do about it—in this brief article from the Edison Electric Institute.


Insulated Air Ducts: Air Duct Upgrades Make Good Sense For Homeowners

Insulated air ducts aren’t specified often enough in new homes, yet an upgrade to insulated air ducts can help lower energy bills, paying for itself over time while improving comfort and reducing the noise eminating from your home’s heating and cooling systems.


Low, No Cost Energy Saving Tips

You know that making your home more energy efficient can help you save money. But did you know that making your home more efficient doesn’t take a lot of effort or money?


Energy Tax Credits: Get Credit Where Credit’s Due

Newer building materials and appliances are typically much more energy efficient than the products they replace. That’s why the U.S. Government is willing to help subsidize some of these purchases with energy efficiency tax credits.


Electric Utility Energy Assistance

You don’t have to go it alone in your efforts to reduce your electric bill … many electric utility company’s offer information and energy assistance to homeowners.


Audit Home Energy Use

Here’s one audit every homeowner should welcome with open arms. Learn how an energy audit for your home can help save energy, lower your utility bills and help protect the environment.


Add-On Heat Pumps Lower Utility Bills

Generating heat is an energy intensive task. But an add-on heat pump doesn’t need to generate heat to keep your home warm, it works by drawing stored energy. And best of all, an add-on heat pump can use the same technology to help keep your home cooler during the summer as well.


Whole Home Climate Control Systems Offer Energy Savings, Value And Comfort

Many homeowners are familiar with small, portable climate control appliances like humidifiers, but few are aware of the operating efficiencies and other advantages that can be gained by installing integrated, whole home air treatment systems.


Adding Insulation To Help Save Money And Energy

Adding insulation is one of the best things you can do to help control energy costs in your home. Learn how insulation works and why it’s such an important consideration for homeowners.


New Energy Efficient Homes Guarantee Comfort And Lower Energy Usage

Most new homes are more energy efficient than older homes of an equivalent size, but often there’s no guarantee that your new home will be as energy efficient as you like. However, there is an exception that you should know about before you begin building.


Natural Heating And Cooling: Using Earth’s Energy To Heat And Cool Homes

GeoExchange systems draw stored energy from the earth to help heat and cool your home. Find out why GeoExchange systems can make a big dfference in your home’s energy efficiency.


Lower Summer Utility Bills

On average, heat pouring through windows is responsible for as much as 15-20 percent of summer utility bills. Learn how modern replacement windows can help you save energy.


Lower Energy Use At Home: High Energy Prices Prompt New Look At Geoexchange Systems

With energy prices rising and expected to follow that trend well into the forseeable future, energy efficient GeoExchange systems offer a way to help homeowners lower energy costs.


Insulate To Help Lower Utility Bills In Warmer Months

A well insulated home can help you save money all year long. Learn how specific insulation products can help lower your utility bills and save energy during the hot and cold seasons.


Join The Campaign To Lower Energy Use At Home

Home Improvement Time, Inc. has joined together with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and others in the home improvement industry to encourage homeowners to replace existing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluourescent bulbs.

Click the link provided in this article to take your pledge to change a bulb and help save the world.


Electric Utilities Offer The Power To Save

Your electric utility can help you use energy more efficiently in many different ways. Many electric utilities offer cash rebates, home energy audits and helpful information resources that can help you identify energy waste and efficient alternatives.


An Abundance Of Free, Natural Sunpiped Light

The Sun Pipe is a unique solar light fixture that can pipe free, natural sunlight into your home.


Tips For Saving On Energy Costs Year-Round

The Alliance to Save Energy offers these tips to help homeowners save energy at home.


Bright Ideas Aren’t Always Complicated And Expensive

Bright natural light. Zero energy use. The Sun Pipe proves that bright ideas don’t have to be complicated or expensive.


Simple Home Improvements To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Lighting can account for as much as 20 percent of your home’s energy use. Learn how inexpensive replacement light bulbs and other simple improvements can pay big dividends in both energy savings and reduced environmental impact.


Knowledge Is Money

More tips for energy saving from the Edison Electric Institute.


Include Home Energy Savings In Summer Vacation Plans

Vacationing out of town this summer? Make sure your home’s energy use takes a vacation as well, advises Edison Electric Institute.


Insulate Your Crawl Space To Save On Summer Cooling Bills

Crawl space insulation is a simple way to lower energy costs. Learn how different circumstances determine the best approach to insulating a crawl space.


How To Locate An Insulation Contractor To Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Professional insulation contractors have the knowledge and equipment to insulate areas of your home that you can’t reach. This article offers information on how you can locate a qualified insulation contractor in your area.


Using Air Conditioners To Control Humidity–Inefficient And Ineffective

A purpose built dehumidifier is more effective at removing humidity from indoor air than an air conditioner. And, as we all know, it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that makes us uncomfortable.


Energy Efficiency, Safety, And Innovation In Modern Residential Window Screens

While new homes today are typically equipped with energy efficient window screens that are an integral component of the window itself, there are homeowners galore who still face the seasonal task of exchanging screens for storm windows.


Extreme Energy Savings — The Original Sun Pipe

Thinking about installing a skylight? The Sun Pipe can offer more light, for less money, and you’ll save more on energy to boot. Here’s what you need to know.


Energy Fun Facts

Did you know that your home’s largest energy users are its heating and cooling systems? Typically, about half of your energy bill goes for heating and cooling.


Energy Help For Low-Income Families

High energy costs affect all of us, but they’re particularly tough on low- or fixed-income households. Here’s how you can get help.


Time To Audit Your Home’s Energy Use

Mention the word “audit” and most people cringe. But there is one type of audit that is easy, costs next to nothing, and can actually help you save money. A home energy audit.


Tips To Head Off High Seasonal Cooling Bills

Follow these tips from the CertainTeed Home Institute to help head offer high seasonal cooling costs.


Choosing The Right Insulation For Your Home

Insulation is made from a variety of materials … and it’s available in a variety of forms. Learn how to choose the right insulation products for each area in your home for maximum savings.


Insulated Air Ducts: Air Duct Upgrades Make Good Sense For Homeowners

At home, our heating and air conditioning systems are often built to achieve the lowest possible immediate out-of-pocket cost, rather than optimum efficiency and lower lifetime costs.


Saving Energy With Fans

Fans are much more energy efficient than air conditioners, and may help you lower your home energy bills. Here’s what you need to know to make fans work for your home.


Energy Efficient Water Heaters

Water heaters require lots of energy to generate heat and trasfer it to water. This article introduces a “water heater helper” that could make a big difference in your energy bills.


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