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The Kitchen and Bathroom Idea File provides information about kitchen and bath products and remodeling project tips. Click article titles to view each article:

The Look of Wood Without The Maintenance Hassles

People love the look of natural wood throughout the home. From kitchen cabinets to hardwood flooring to natural cedar shake roofs, wood appeals to almost every homeowner.

Creating A Perfect Play Area In Your Own Home

ABET LAMINATI reintroduces its Laminate Flooring, a premium product perfect for areas subjected to greater wear.

Grow The Perfect Kitchen Garden

Growing vegetables and herbs in an EarthBox® is easier than growing plants in the ground

Moen Puts A “Twist” On An Invigorating Shower Experience With The New Twist™ Handheld Shower

When it comes to showering, today’s consumers know what they want – style, quality, good pressure and coverage.

Diamondback® GlasRoc® Tile Backer Now Available For Floor And Countertop Applications

Contributing to easier, faster and cost-effective tile installations, Diamondback® GlasRoc® Tile Backer from CertainTeed Gypsum is now available for floor and countertop applications.

Newport Brass Introduces the Keaton Collection

Newport Brass, a premium decorative plumbing brand, manufactured by Brasstech, Inc., is proud to introduce the new Keaton Collection of faucet and bathroom accessories.

Rockler Presents The Janibell Swing-Out Waste Container

Rockler has announced that it will now distribute Janibell’s Swing-Out Waste Container which has been rated as medical grade.

Amba Towel Warmers Put And End To Damp, Moldy Towels

Amba Products presents a solution to the unpleasant reality of American bathrooms: damp, moldy towels.

12 American Hardwoods Tips For 2012

With American Hardwoods as a versatile and sustainable material, it’s a confident choice that can be incorporated into multiple aspects of a home, whether it’s furniture, flooring, cabinetry or moulding.

AMERICAN HARDWOODS: The Confident Choice For Eco-conscious Consumers

From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason!

Different Spaces for Different Paces

Across America, the need for home design that supports multi-generational living is on the rise.

How To De-clutter Five Rooms In Your Home

It’s time for a fresh perspective on home organization. Start new by clearing clutter from your life and start fresh with a clean and clear home, and most importantly, a clear mind.

Kitchen Cabinets Open Up New Possibilities

Kitchen cabinets are intended to be functional, but few design professionals or homeowners leave the choice simply at that. Otherwise, cardboard or plywood boxes might suffice.

Safe Bathrooms For The Disabled

The National Kitchen & Bath Association provides a list of access standards to NKBA designers to make bathrooms more easily usable by the physically disabled.

Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen Space

The kitchen is becoming more than just a food preparation area in today’s society.

Budget-Friendly Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen And Save Energy

Rising gas and food prices may have put a damper on your plans to remodel this year, but there are some economical ways to update your kitchen.

Safe And Sound At Home… In Seven Days

Making your home a safe haven for your family – no matter how big or small, young or old – should be a top priority.

Get a Grip on Style and Safety

Whether your family members are three years-old or 93, the risk of getting hurt in the bathroom is the same for all ages.

Come Clean From A Bath That’s Green

Your bathroom may not be the first place you think of to make a positive impact on the environment…but maybe you should.

Fresh Paint – A Great Recipe For Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

Many people underestimate the dramatic change you can make in a kitchen with a little imagination and a couple of cans of paint.

Laminate Flooring…A Rich Alternative

ABET LAMINATI reintroduces its Laminate Flooring, a premium product perfect for areas subjected to greater wear.

How To Give Mom A Clever Kitchen Makeover This Mother’s Day For Just $79!

“Giani™ Granite Paints have introduced the world’s first ‘paint on granite’ for laminate countertops.

Kohlers Toobi Bath Faucet Line Combines Swappable Colors, A Sleek Whimsical Design

Kohler Co. will introduce the ToobiTM faucet line, a thoroughly original design that combines a clean, modern form with a colored spout liner than can be easily swapped out with other hues.

New Wheatland And Lawnfield Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks Make Premium Material Attainable

Kohler, one of only a few plumbing manufacturer who produce cast iron products in the US, launches two new kitchen sinks made from premium enameled cast iron.

The “Finish”-ed Product: New Research From Moen® Uncovers The Hottest Finish Trends In The Kitchen And Bath

Consumers are concerned with every detail of a kitchen and bathroom project, especially the finish of their new fixtures.

Beyond Builders Basics

It’s easy to bust out of builder basics and add a few easy and inexpensive updates to make your cookie-cutter home stand out from the rest.

New Touch-Free Kitchen Appliance Combines Design & Functionality

Clean Cut Int’l recently debuted the CLEANCut® Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser.

Beautiful Countertops For Life

Artisan Group Granite Kitchen Countertop professional fabricators

A Recipe for Great Kitchen Lighting

According to the ALA, this multi-tasking room not only serves as the family’s central gathering spot, but it also performs as a dining area, homework station and casual entertaining space.

Bathroom Beautification Begins At The Door

Using a Pocket Door Frame, you can eliminate doorway clutter and free up extra space in any bathroom by installing a door-in the-wall in place of a conventional swinging door.

Moen Adds Comfort, Functionality And Style To Pullout Kitchen Faucet With New Soft Grip Finish

New Soft Grip finish marks another design achievement, offering comfort, functionality and style to pullout kitchen faucets.

American Hardwoods, Pure, Practical and Perfect All Through the House

Certified Kitchen Designer Florence Perchuk of Manhattan says the only thing that retained its individuality and functionality in a home is the wooden floor.

Hardwoods In Unlikely Places

Design professionals are saying yes to client requests for the warmth, charm and richness of natural wood no matter where it’s used, in the bath, the kitchen, and even the basement.

New Method™ Faucet Collection From Moen

Method faucets make a modern statement at the sink in both a single-handle, single-hole mount with optional vessel extension to accommodate vessel sink applications

Artisan Group™ Launches Marble And Soapstone And Adds New Granite Colors To Offerings

Artisan Group is launching a line of marble and Saratoga Soapstone, as well as adding five great new granite colors to the Artisan Stone Collection.

Aquatic’s New Cooper Bath Tub Combines Minimalist, High Style With Smart Design

The stunning Cooper tub, which combines elegant, minimalist styling with practical features for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience.

Lighting Makes a Splash in the Bath

The finishing touch to a redecorated bathroom is complementary lighting that is highly functional and attractive.


Manhattan Home Depot Stores To Stock MirrEdge™ An Easy-To-Use Bathroom Mirror Retread

This practical, easily applied do-it-yourself product can conceal deteriorating mirror edges and transform unsightly mirrors into fashionable furnishing in minutes.


Space-Saving Hardwood Storage Stunners

Hardwood cabinet options abound as you look to increase the functionality of your family room.


Decorating Windows And Glass Doors With Color

Cover windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, cabinet doors and even glass tables with Deco Tint’s decorator colors to make a big difference in any room.


Mix – Don’t Match – Wood Textures And Colors; Experts Across The U.S. Urge Diversity In Design

Mixing is the magic that brings a kitchen to life, believes the designer.


Remodeling? Don’t Forget To Pull Permits

Homeowners should expect remodelers to pull permits for home remodels


Put Vibrant, Durable Colors To Work In Your Kitchen, Bath, And Laundry

ABET LAMINATI, adapts cabinets and matching furniture to your life style, putting color up front with function.


Armstrong Approves Additional Metallaire™ Finishes For Backsplash Applications

Metallaire’s much desired wall applications have been extended, offering homeowners four additional finishes for backsplash applications.


Storage On Top Of Your Tub Or Shower Enclosure

A sturdy PVC storage unit that resists water.


Protect Your Home From Water And Mold Damage

FLO n STOP™ Wireless Transmitter at the entry door—provide homeowners with a complete water security system whether at home or away.


Chemical And Water fire suppressant system

FirstControl™—a new combination chemical and water fire suppressant delivery system.


“Mirror, Mirror On My Wall” Looks Like New Once More

MirrEdge™ framing system when applied around the edges of existing mirrors dramatically enriches and beautifies


ABET’s Serigrafia Raises The Bar On Design Excellence

ABET LAMINATI, a leading manufacturer of High Pressure laminates, continues its tradition of daring, innovative design with Serigrafia — now in a raised Longline finish.


How To Create More Space In Rooms Without Moving Walls

Bulky space-consuming furniture is on its way out. Beautiful space-saving wood cabinetry is in, taking its rightful place throughout the home, from formal dining rooms to mud rooms.


American Hardwoods: Nature’s “Greenest” Choice Time To Set The Record Straight

When it comes to “greening” a new or existing home, many consumers simply do not have the facts about American hardwood as an environmentally-friendly building material choice.


Kitchen Design Inspirations From The Top Down

When today’s homeowners think about remodeling their kitchen, most immediately think that appliances, cabinets and countertop upgrades are the key to transforming the heart of their home.


Household Mirror Tips—How To Preserve, Decorate And Restore Old Mirrors—In Just Minutes

That familiar face reflected in your bathroom or bedroom mirror deserves all the best choices. Here are some tips for proper mirror surface care


Copper Shines In Consumer Survey

Despite price, supply and competitive pressures, people continue to value copper for its appearance, durability, recyclability and health benefits.


FLO n STOP™—Keeps Homes Free From Sudden Water Damage

A popular new device featured at the 2008 Home Show provides homeowners a new level of safety and peace of mind&—when leaving on vacation—or just an afternoon shopping trip.


First Line Of Defense For Household Fires

First Control™—a new chemical and water fire suppressant delivery system developed and distributed by the Millennium International Development Corporation—provides ready help with small fires …


Now You Don’t Have To Be A Pro To Lay Real Glass Block In Four Easy Steps

Homeowners who would like to install a luxury shower enclosure need no longer think twice about tackling this once-complex project.


Save Money And Save Your Mirrors …

From the originators of the popular mirror enhancement system, MirrEdge™ comes a fresh new Dove White version just in time for Spring fixup.


Smart Solutions For Better Kitchen Organization

What’s the secret to bringing order to kitchen chaos? Organizational experts will tell you it’s the cabinets.


Bathroom Beautification Begins At The Door

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but it’s possible to reclaim as much as 10 square feet of space.


Suite Efficiency: Compact Cook Tops Offer Convenience, Versatility and Style

Compact cook tops are winning favor in homes across the country as owners discover the convenience, versatility and style of these innovative appliances.


Now D.I.Y. Shower Enclosures Can Look Professional

Homeowners who would like to install a luxury shower enclosure need no longer think twice about tackling this once-complex project.


Outdoor Living Rooms–Hot New Trend

In almost every decade since the 1950s, there has been a new “big thing” in home improvement that becomes a profit-maker for dealers and builders – from finished basements, to media centers, to professional-grade kitchens. Now, Fire Stone


New MEDORA™ Pullout Kitchen Faucet From Moen Strikes A Sophisticated Pose at the Sink

Add some drama and sophistication to your sink with Moen Incorporated’s new Medora™ kitchen pullout faucet. With a sleek, high-arc silhouette and soft modern styling, the single-handle design offers the perfect blend of form and function.


Add Safety to your Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The flowers come up. The leaves come out. And, the sun shines brightly into your home – highlighting the fact that it’s time for some spring cleaning.


Water Pressure and Coverage Join Forces in New Moen Seven-inch Rainshower

Finally, homeowners can step into the shower and wash their cares away with a rainshower showerhead that provides enough pressure to deliver an invigorating, full-body shower.


Kitchen Cabinet Selection

With kitchen cabinet manufacturers offering cabinets at nearly every price point, the kitchen cabinet selection process can be confusing and time consuming. However, careful research and prudent decisions are a homeowner’s best bets for sticking to a budget when planning a new kitchen.


Kitchen Design Tips: How To Design An Easy Access Kitchen

Do you have days when lifting heavy pots and pans from lower cabinets seems especially hard on the back? Is stooping down to pick things up getting more difficult—and stretching up to reach that top shelf over the kitchen sink a real pain? Are the graphics on appliances and other printed instructions getting harder and harder to read?


Kitchen Countertops: Making The Most Of Kitchen Counter Space

Lives there a cook in the world today, who never to herself (or himself) had this to say: “I sure could use some more countertop space in this kitchen!”?


Elkay’s Easy-Care Starlite Corian® Sinks Are Attractive, Convenient And Virtually Maintenance Free

Elkay Manufacturing Company’s Starlite™ line of sinks combines the lasting beauty and durability of DuPont® Corian® with the ease of installation and versatility of a top-mount design. Homeowners are sure to find these sinks extremely attractive to look at, convenient to use and easy to maintain.


Installing Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are both stylish and functional and, with numerous towel warmer designs and finishes available, you can easily find one to compliment any bathroom, spa or exercise room, whether contemporary or traditional in décor.


Choosing A New Cooktop Or Range

As lifestyles change, cooking needs change as well. Before you begin shopping for new or replacement appliances for your kitchen, give some thought to how your cooking needs have evolved.


Choosing A Microwave Oven

Knowing your needs before choosing a new microwave oven is sound advice for any homeowner, but it’s especially important for first time buyers.


Functional Kitchen Designs: Today’s Family-Friendly Kitchens Put Function Over Form

Kitchen designs are evolving to meet changing lifestyle needs, and functional kitchen designs are just the latest step in that evolution.


Bathroom Safety Products: Safeproofing Your Bathroom Is Easier Than You Think

With a small investment in bathroom safety products, one of the most frequently used rooms in the home does not have to be the most hazardous.


Which White Is Right: Home Decorating Trends

Two prominent kitchen and bath manufacturers note the resurgence of white in home interior decorating trends with the introduction of new whites to their product lines.


Bathroom Safety Products: Safeproofing Your Bathroom Is Easier Than You Think

People contemplating re-decorating their bathroom should not ignore simple safety measures and bathroom safety products that can help prevent accidents.


Better Doors For Bathrooms

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but it’s possible to reclaim as much as 10 square feet of precious bathroom space by choosing a better bathroom door.


Black And White Kitchens: Designing A Kitchen With impact

Black and white kitchen designs feature easy-care, traditional white cabinets that contrast nicely with the black glass of a built-in oven/microwave combination and black acrylic front panels on the dishwasher.


Remodeling With Laminates: Giving Your Kitchen An Affordable Facelift

If your kitchen looks tired, but you aren’t ready for an all-out overhaul, it’s time to get acquainted with today’s great decorative laminate designs and colors.


Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets And Accessories Offer A Custom Look At An Affordable Price

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets are quite popular with homeowners because you can specify sizes and interior fittings for a customized look at an affordable price.


Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure Style Can Make Or Break Your New Bath Design

Homeowners looking to create a relaxing, comfortable environment in their home are turning to the bath as a focal point for trendy design and spa features.


Chlorine Free Shower Heads

So you hate the taste of chlorinated water. But have you thought about what it can do to your hair, skin and lungs?


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your kitchen a fresh new look is to enhance what’s already there. One simple solution that can add a touch of style and distinction to kitchen cabinets is to customize them with hand-carved wood corbels and intricate appliques.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets Add Comfort And Personal Style

The kitchen has become the “everything” room. It is where we go when we are home alone, sipping a cup of tea, nibbling a cookie, or reading the paper. It is also where the kids go when they come home from school, and it’s where we drift when a friend drops by or are having a party.


Unique Corrosion Resistant Faucets Answer Homeowners’ Concerns

Who hasn’t had problems at one time or another with leaky, dripping, corroded faucets? As evidenced by recent studies, most homeowners see the corrosive effects of water as the major culprit for their faucet problems.


Indoor/Outdoor Grills Offer Safety and Convenience

All Seasons Electric Grills bring the advantages of grilling to those living in a condominium or apartment–or in any area with open flame ordinances that prevent or limit the use of a propane or charcoal grill.


‘Tis The Season For … Grilling?

Once a hallmark of the summer season, grilling has become a year-round experience for more and more Americans. In fact, according to a survey by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA) more than 60 percent are now grilling all year long.


Drop By Drop It All Adds Up

Does it really make sense to use drinking water for all our water needs in the home? One key area in the home where potable water is unnecessary is flushing the toilet.


Give Your Kitchen Or Bath A Colorful New Dimension With Exquisitely Decorated Tiles

You don’t have to be a designer to use color and design. And you don’t have to be wealthy to adorn your home with these beautiful accents.


Extreme Makeover For Plain Frameless Mirrors

Transforming existing mirrors that show signs of deterioration without removing them from the wall is now so easy.


Relax In Comfort In A Beautiful New Bathroom

Adding a bath or remodeling existing facilities ranks high on the list of improvements home owners want the most.


Smart Solutions For Better Kitchen Organization

The Complements line includes many built-ins, from sliding dovetailed wood apothecary and spice drawer cabinets and corner condiment shelves to base pull-out and base pantry cabinets with swing-out shelves and door rack organizers …


Elkay’s Muse Faucet Inspiring Homeowners

Discriminating homeowners are looking for faucets that can act as a focal point for the social hub of their home, the kitchen.


Elkay Honored With 2006 Crystal Vision Award

Elkay is the proud recipient of the 2006 Crystal Vision Award presented by The Storehouse, a program of World Vision. Elkay is being honored for their overwhelming support and generous product contributions throughout the year …


Elkay’s Pot Filler Faucet Honored With Platinum Adex Award

In the Design Journal’s April issue, the 2005-2006 Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) were announced and the Elkay Allure pot filler faucet received the highest honor, a platinum award.


Catch The Wave With Elkay’s Wavy Wire

Boring baskets are now a thing of the past, as Elkay is introducing a new collection of wavy wire rinse baskets, bottom grids and other sink accessories.


Scrub-A-Dubs Sinks From Elkay Add Whimsy To Children’s Bath

Elkay’s highly anticipated Scrub-a-Dubs sink collection is making its debut as a market-ready product at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago.


Elkay’s Vessels Shaping Next Generation Of Sinks

Elkay has expanded its Asana vessel collection to include three new models made from cast brass with an aged-bronze finish.


Stainless Steel Countertops Shine In Residential Setting

Elkay’s Mystic and Avado Sinks Showcased in Custom Stainless Steel Countertops


Elkay’s Island Sink Sheds Light On Entertaining In The Kitchen

Elkay’s new Island sink with blue underlight adds drama to this centerpiece of the kitchen. This original sink design features a faucet mounted in the middle of the sink and an optional blue light …


Elkay’s Avado Collection Expands

Four groundbreaking new designs combine form and function



Perlick Corporation Unveils The World’s First Undercounter Refrigerated Cabinets In Stunning Amethyst and Copper Colored Stainless Steel …


Triple The Luxury: PERLICK CORPORATION Debuts 72-Inch Three-Door Refrigerated Cabinet

For quality, elegance, and sheer capacity, the all-new PERLICK CORPORATION 72-Inch Three-Door Refrigerated Cabinet is in a class by itself, for this combination multi-zone freezer/refrigerator/wine cabinet is unrivaled by anything on the residential …


Building Code Changes Affect Bathroom Construction

Builders, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers now have a new consideration for their bathroom designs. Changes made to the 2006 Internaltional Residential Code (IRC) no longer recognize moisture-resistant, paper-faced drywall …


Kitchen Cabinet Styles Add Distinction

Distinctive design elements and creative touches have grown increasingly important for homeowners planning a new kitchen. As families continue to spend more and more time in the home’s defacto command center and social gathering spot, it’s more common to see personal style reflected in kitchen designs.


Bathroom Redecorating Tips

According to Alexandra Coote, another talented Country Floors designer, the neutral colors chosen for today’s bathrooms are warm whites, bone, parchment, caramel, cafe au lait, taupes, sand, and grays … actually the gamut of earthtones.


Country Style Kitchen Cabinets Add Charm In Today’s Modern Kitchens

Country kitchens are all about the charm and character that we’ve come to associate with furnishings hauled home from antiques fairs in far-flung country fields. And country style kitchen cabinets boast the comfort and look of heirloom furniture rather than conventional cabinetry.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

New materials and technologies are redefining options for homeowners contemplating a bathroom remodeling project. The bathroom remodeling ideas that follow are just a small sampling of the many creative, efficient and stylish options available.


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