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ESA Encourages Homeowners To Stay Connected For The Holidays With SECURE+ Technology

“As friends and family gather for the holidays, many Americans are traveling to spend precious time with the ones they love. During these special celebrations, it’s important to keep security at the forefront.

Deck The Halls With Safety This Holiday Season

To make sure everyone stays safe and sound, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) recommends some basic home safety tips.

Security Top Of Mind For Consumers Interested In Home Automation, New CEA Study Finds

More than 62 percent of online consumers interested in learning more about home automation cited security as their primary purchase motivation, according to new research by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Light Up Winter Nights

Light up the night with power from the sun!

Electronic Security Association Launches Website For SECURE+ Initiative

The Electronic Security Association (ESA), the largest trade association representing the electronic security industry, has launched a new web presence to help consumers find the most qualified and trustworthy professionals for their home safety and automation needs.

Electrical Contractors Boost Comfort And Savings With Latest Technology

Homeowners looking to add the latest technology for greater comfort, enjoyment and safety while lowering their energy costs can tap into their local electrical contractors.”

Different Spaces for Different Paces

Across America, the need for home design that supports multi-generational living is on the rise.

Bright Ideas For Energy Efficient, Safe Holiday Lighting

By following some simple tips when hanging your lights, you’ll also have the peace of mind that your holidays will be safe, as well as bright.

Tips For Efficient And Safe Holiday Lighting

The tips below from the nation’s electric utility companies will help you to safely light up some energy savings—along with the neighborhood..

Electrical Contractors Help Seniors Age In Place for Greater Comfort

As more seniors 65 and older choose to age in place, electrical contractors can help these “younger old adults” remain in their homes with greater safety and comfort.

From Man Cave To Kid Cave: Get The Most Out Of Your Home Theater

The American Lighting Association offers the following easy ways to use less energy and save money.

Keep Your Cool While Saving Money And Energy

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), installing a ceiling fan in each living space will help family members feel cooler while saving energy.

Budget-Friendly Tips To Brighten Your Kitchen And Save Energy

Rising gas and food prices may have put a damper on your plans to remodel this year, but there are some economical ways to update your kitchen.

Lighting Can Be Your Eyes’ Best Friend As You Age

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), changing the lighting in your surroundings can go a long way to enhance reading ability and increase comfort.

Three Ways To Cut Your Energy Bill

The American Lighting Association offers the following easy ways to use less energy and save money.

Keep Your Cool While Saving Money and Energy

According to the American Lighting Association (ALA), installing a ceiling fan in each living space will help family members feel cooler while saving energy.

Outdoor Lighting: Create An Outdoor Resort In Your Back Yard

Rather than buying a costly designer patio set or lounge chairs that will lose their luster by next season, invest in a new lighting scheme that will enhance your existing outdoor furniture and amenities.

With Trane’s ComfortLink II Thermostat, Saving Energy and Lowering Bills Has Never Been So Easy!

Trane offers a full suite of reliable, innovate thermostats that provide safety, comfort and efficiency options.

Electrical Contractors Help Lower Home Utility Bills Through Energy Audits

Electrical contractors are increasingly partnering to help homeowners improve their homes’ energy efficiency and lower their utility bills through comprehensive energy audits.

Safe At Home

Latest advances in home security give parents an edge when kids are alone.

How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

There are some simple steps you can take to make your home less attractive to would-be burglars.

New Touch-Free Kitchen Appliance Combines Design & Functionality

Clean Cut Int’l recently debuted the CLEANCut® Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser.

Risky Holiday Lights Expose Larger Dangers Of Counterfeit Electrical Products

Counterfeit holiday light strings, cords, power strips and other electrical items with the potential to catch fire are just the tip of the iceberg within the crime of counterfeit electrical products.

Holiday Lighting Goes Solar

Holiday Solar Light Strands use ultra-efficient LED lights to save energy.

ColorTouch Touch Screen Thermostat From Venstar

ColorTouch, the multi-functional, simple-to-use, richly featured, programmable touch screen thermostat.

A Recipe for Great Kitchen Lighting

According to the ALA, this multi-tasking room not only serves as the family’s central gathering spot, but it also performs as a dining area, homework station and casual entertaining space.

Setting the Scene: Put Your Outdoor Living Space in the Best Light

Curb appeal is essential, whether you are selling or buying a home, or giving a warm welcome to friends and family.

Smoke Alarms: A sound you can live with!

Smoke alarms save lives, and can cut the risk of dying in a fire in half. However, smoke alarms must be installed, maintained and working properly to do so.

10 Tips On How To Select An Electronic Security Company

Electronic security systems give homeowners peace of mind and act as a primary deterrent against criminal activity.

Counterfeits Can Kill

Tough economic times may send consumers scouring for inexpensive goods, but consumers may unknowingly be buying counterfeit products.

Project Spotlight: Smart Home

Smart homes rely on networking, programming and automation to connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.

Wood Floors Over Radiant Heat Source Reduce Carbon Footprint

Radiant heat is one of the latest green building trends that has gained popularity with eco-conscious consumers.

Ceiling Fans Transition To Outdoor Use

Modern technology has allowed ceiling fans to transition for use outdoors.

Control Indoor Water And Mold Damage With An Easy-To-Use Solenoid Shut-Down Device

Installed to sense the presence of water and immediately transmit a wireless signal that SHUTS OFF the main water supply.

Natural Trends In Home Lighting—Accent And Design Focus On Bringing The Outside In

Designer Deanna Wish has captured the essence of nature in a series of popular lines of nontraditional Chandeliers and Brancheliers.

Lighting Makes a Splash in the Bath

The finishing touch to a redecorated bathroom is complementary lighting that is highly functional and attractive.

Electrical Contractors And Green Home Builders Partner For Greater Value

Electrical contractors are now collaborating with builders early in the process—to maximize energy efficiency and offer homeowners greater value.


Bringing In The Sun With Energy Savings, And A Whole New Vocabulary

Across the country consumers are learning the ins and outs of using the sun to lower the cost of family energy use.


What In The World Is A SunPipe?

Using simple reflective hollow-pipe delivery systems known as Sun Pipes, homes and businesses harness and use free natural light.


Five Lessons for Building a Sunroom

Sunrooms are an excellent way to expand a home because they not only add to your home’s square footage, but also because of the value they offer as a place for relaxation, entertainment or recreation.


Easy, Inexpensive Remodeling With Pure Sunlight

Heightened energy prices mean searching out the brightest and best energy sources. Why not start by adding an element of sunshine to your home renovation and restoration projects?


Planning Your Homes Lighting: Inside & Out

The recent national energy bill banning incandescent bulbs by 2014 will find homeowners choosing among the latest energy-efficient residential lighting …


Light Up Some Energy Savings

Looking for some bright ideas to lower your home’s lighting bill? The Edison Electric Institute offers you the following simple, easy, and low-cost tips to start saving today:


Selecting The Right Standby Generator

If you are considering a backup generator purchase, there are important sizing and code requirements that you need to know to insure a safe and adequate standby generator installation.


Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Mold

A new Wireless Remote Controlled Water System developed by Millennium International Development Corporation can prevent damage to property, and can save homeowners water and money.


First Line Of Defense For Small Household Fires

First Control™—a new chemical and water fire suppressant delivery system …


New—Saving Technology Shuts Off All Standby Power In A Home With Just One Switch

A new energy saving product hit the U.S. residential home market this month, providing homeowners the ability to effortlessly and expediently turn off all electronics not being used throughout a home with just one master switch.


More Homeowners Choose Home Automation And Home Networking

Home automation and home networking through the latest technologies is on the rise.


Suite Efficiency: Compact Cook Tops Offer Convenience, Versatility and Style

Compact cook tops are winning favor in homes across the country as owners discover the convenience, versatility and style of these innovative appliances.


Energy-Free Daylighting Delivered With A SunPipe

While they can’t exactly bottle and sell real sunlight, one innovative mid-American company has found a way to harness and deliver it.


SunPipe® Slows Global Climate Change!

At a time when rapid global climate change is no longer scientifically debatable, individuals often think they are powerless to do anything constructive to help alleviate the problem.


Energy Efficient Lights

To address the demand for more energy efficient lights, the lighting industry has engaged its research and development capabilities to create a wide range of new energy efficient indoor/outdoor residential light fixtures and lamp sources (light bulbs).


Automatic Night Lights In Illuminating Styles

Nighttime can be a scary place for both imagined and real hazards. Never fear, however, because manufacturers offer automatic night lights that not only ease children’s fears of the dark, but lend an attractive, contemporary touch to any home.


Energy Efficient Recessed Ceiling Lights

To combat the air leakage problem, Halo Lighting offers a series of Air-Tite™ recessed lighting fixtures for ceilings. In addition, these fixtures help maintain the vapor barrier between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.


Low Voltage Lighting Products Brighten Yards And Gardens

Homeowners are spending an increasing amount of leisure time outdoors. As a result, millions of Americans are discovering the benefits of low voltage outdoor lighting systems—beauty, versatility, safety and security.


Generator Safety Tips

A portable or backup power generator is a handy household utility that has been growing in popularity among homeowners in recent years, says the Copper Development Association. Manufacturers are producing quiet, lightweight models that are convenient for recreation and emergencies.


Farmers, Watch For Electrical Hazards

There are unique electrical hazards in agriculture that farm workers and family members need to understand. Spending just two minutes explaining unsafe work habits and how to recognize potential electrical hazards, can prevent a permanent injury or a death.


Electrical Surge Protectors

Lightning strikes to homes and nearby locations are the single most common cause of damage to computers and other sensitive home electronics equipment, but lightning isn’t the only cause of electrical surges.


Your Home’s Secret Energy Users

The electronic equipment and appliances in your home—TVs, video game consoles, cable boxes, DVDs, VCRs, along with computers, printers, battery chargers, etc.—now account for about 5 percent of your monthly electric bill.


Electric Utility Energy Assistance

Your electric utility has information on how you can take control over your home’s energy bill.


Audit Home Energy Use

Mention the word “audit” and you might cringe. But there’s one type of audit that’s easy, costs next to nothing, and can give you more control over your electric bill …


Moving Major Home Appliances Takes Special Care

Before you begin moving major home appliances, begin by checking each appliance’s use and care guide for any special moving instructions or cautions.


Tips For Installing Home Appliances

Have you ever bought an appliance, rushed home to install it and discovered you needed to supply an essential piece to complete the hook-up?


Decorative Light Strips Add Style And Atmosphere

Decorative lighting is often overlooked as an easy and inexpensive way to add a unique style and atmosphere to a home. Strategically placed accent lights, under cabinet lighting, inside cabinets lights and decorative lighting strips are all easy home improvements that can be used to complement your homes décor.


Carbon Monoxide Detector Standards Tightened

An increasing number of false alarms triggered by household carbon monoxide detectors have imposed significant burdens on emergency response personnel in recent years.


Join The Campaign To Lower Energy Use At Home

Join the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in their seventh annual campaign to lower greenhouse gas emissions. The campaign encourages citizens across the country to replace existing incandescent light bulbs …


Electric Utilities Offer The Power To Save

Making your home more energy efficient can help you get more value from your energy dollar. But did you know that making your home more energy efficient can also give you greater quiet, comfort, and a higher resale value?


Don’t Undersize Circuits Or Extension Cords

Knowing how to select the wire size needed for circuits and extension cords can save you money, and improve your family’s safety. If an extension cord is undersized, it creates a drop in voltage from one end to the wire to another.


How To Select A Standby Generator

If you are considering a backup generator purchase, there are important sizing and code requirements that you need to know to insure a safe and adequate standby generator installation.


Tips For Simple Wiring Repairs

Understanding the fundamentals of electrical wiring can be valuable, particularly when you’re making simple repairs or home improvements.


An Abundance Of Free, Natural Sunpiped Light

Instead of just putting a window on your roof and letting the sun shine in, a super-reflective Sun Pipe can reflect daylight from above your roof, through your attic space, to a ceiling-mounted diffuser.


Bright Ideas Aren’t Always Complicated And Expensive

Bright ideas aren’t always complicated–or unaffordable–according to Gregg Miller, inventor of the solar tube and owner of The Sun Pipe Company, Inc., Elgin, IL. To prove his point, Miller points to a school in Montana, a chapel in Colorado, and …


Prevent Electrical Safety Hazards From Storm-Damaged Equipment

Katrina Aftermath Reveals Hidden Dangers From Cleaned And Dried Parts, Waived City Inspections


Electrical Contractor Magazine Uncovers The “Disaster After The Disaster” For New Orleans Homeowners

A new investigative report in the May issue of Electrical Contractor magazine is the first to expose a potential public safety hazard in the Katrina aftermath. Titled “Disaster After the Disaster,” the article uncovers the risks of …


Include Home Energy Savings In Summer Vacation Plans

Going on vacation this summer? Make sure your home’s energy use takes a vacation as well, advises Edison Electric Institute.


Indoor Electrical Safety Check

While you’re cleaning off the electric grill, take a few minutes to check for electrical hazards in your home. Unsafe conditions, such as overloaded circuits, the misuse of extension cords, and frayed insulation around wiring, cause many injuries in …


Extreme Energy Savings — The Original SunPipe

Thinking about getting a skylight? Did you know it will make a permanent change to the structure and energy-efficiency of your home? And with energy costs going way up, this could be a big deal.


Low Voltage Outdoor Lights Illuminate Decks

Homeowners seeking to maximize the amount of time they spend outdoors are discovering the benefits of low voltage deck lights.


Decorative Trim Enhances Recessed Downlights

Stylish trim accessories are also available from Juno lighting to improve the appearance of both new and existing recessed light fixtures.


Saving Energy With Fans

More and more homeowners are finding that fans can provide them with the cooling effects they seek, while saving energy at the same time.


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