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Dead Of Winter An Active Time For Interior Painting

Winter’s plunging temps and higher precipitation bring to a halt many types of home improvement.

Greens and Blues Headline 2013 Paint Color Palette

The greens and blues that characterize the world outdoors are the same hues that will be popular when beautifying our living spaces this year.

Gazebos And More Gazebos

Gazebos can now be created in square and rectangle designs, as well as oval and dodecagons.

Interior Paint Primers Can Solve Problems And Save Money

Like exterior primers, interior primers make surfaces more uniform and help paint adhere better, but they can do a lot more …

Where Different Paint Sheen Levels Are Most At Home

When it comes to selecting an interior paint for your home, there’s more to consider than quality and color.

Search Underway For America’s Prettiest Painted Places

There are many cities, towns and neighborhoods across the U.S. that inspire residents and visitors alike with their beauty and charm.

Five Popular Front Door Colors And What They (Might) Say About You

Whether or not we realize it, the colors with which we surround ourselves – in our clothes, cars, and homes — reveal a lot about us.

Stress Can Also Affect The Paint On Our Homes

Who among us hasn’t complained at one time or another about the stress we’re under? Yet our homes suffer silently in the face of constant stress.

Why Exterior Painting Should Be First On Your Spring To-Do Lists

As the springtime weather shifts from messy to mild, every homeowner’s attention turns to the out of doors. It’s time to clean things up, tend to the garden, and make needed repairs to both the home and its surroundings.

You Can Paint Most “Maintenance-Free” Materials

We often hear how certain exterior building materials are maintenance-free. Once installed on your home, you can forget about them forever

Fresh Paint Can Be A Difference-Maker When Selling Your Home

Realtors know that well-maintained homes tend to sell faster, sometimes for a much higher price . . . and there are some inexpensive ways to spiff up a house.

2012 Paint Color Trends: Paint Hues Drawn From The American Landscape

The 2012 paint palette will draw heavily upon the natural colors in the American landscape, according to Debbie Zimmer, color expert at the Paint Quality Institute.

Toss The Messy Paint Brush And Spray Paint Like A Professional

Professional house painters have used them for years; now Do-It-Yourselfers are painting like professional painters using airless sprayers – saving time and effort, and with better results.

How To Create A Room That Changes With The Seasons

By planning ahead, you can make it easy to modify your surroundings to be seasonally- or even holiday-appropriate.

2012 Paint Trends Call for Bold, Unconventional Colors Mixed with Personal Touches

2011 was all about embracing individuality in home décor by creating uniquely personal spaces that buck the matchy-matchy trends from the past that tend to force a uniform style into every type of home.

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