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The Tool and Implement Idea File provides information about tools and implements for home maintenance, gardening and more. Click article titles to view each article:

Deluxe Large Gardening Bag

Size matters! This Deluxe Large Gardening Bag has an inner pocket with enough room for everything from seeds and bulbs to gloves and flower pots.

Cool Tools

Gardeners love tools that make it easier to dig in the dirt. No wonder the CobraHead® Weeder and Cultivator is at the top of gardeners’ wish lists.

Finally! A Solution To That Age Old “Reach-It” Problem.

So you have gutters or second floor windows to clean. You need a ladder to reach them. You go to the store and find the extension ladders.

So Many Ladders. So Little Time. How Do I Know Which To Choose?

Most handy men and women have a favorite ladder for getting at those pesky hard to reach spaces

New Cordless Trimmer Technology Provides 14” Cut With 4 Line Blades

Today’s string trimmers have become vital tools for outdoor residential and industrial landscape maintenance.

New Rockler System Helps Homeowners Build Shutters

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced the Shutter Building System – a line of jigs, hardware, stock, and customized step-by-step plans

Werner Announces The Launch Of Their New User Focused Website

Werner Co. has launched a newly redesigned website to provide customers with complete product information and ensure that they have the tools necessary to make the best choice in ladders and other access equipment.

Werner Innovates Extension Ladders With A New Compact Design

The new Werner Compact 3-Piece Aluminum Extension Ladder lets 16′ extension ladders go where they have never gone before – around corners, through doors, in elevators and through narrow stairwells

Toss The Messy Paint Brush And Spray Paint Like A Professional

Professional house painters have used them for years; now Do-It-Yourselfers are painting like professional painters using airless sprayers – saving time and effort, and with better results.

“Ladder Up” And Choose The Extras

With homeowners become increasingly attracted to versatility in the equipment dollars, it’s no surprise that mainstays, like ladders become more multifuntional.

October Is Fire Safety Month. Are You Really Prepared?

In 30 seconds, a small flame can get completely out of control and turn into a major fire, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.

Breakthrough Cordless Chainsaw Power?Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Rather than buying a costly designer patio set or lounge chairs that will lose their luster by next season, invest in a new lighting scheme that will enhance your existing outdoor furniture and amenities.

With Trane’s ComfortLink II Thermostat, Saving Energy and Lowering Bills Has Never Been So Easy!

Trane offers a full suite of reliable, innovate thermostats that provide safety, comfort and efficiency options.

Gardening Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is June 19th, so there is still plenty of time to get Dad something that he will really love.

Universal … And Lightweight Aluminum

Werner’s Fiberglass Equalizer® Extension Ladders are as good as it gets for do-it-yourself home owners with home improvement projects occurring outside, and on uneven surfaces.

Equal Footing For High Maintenance And Improvements

Werner’s Fiberglass Equalizer® Extension Ladders are as good as it gets for do-it-yourself home owners with home improvement projects occurring outside, and on uneven surfaces.

Safe At Home

Latest advances in home security give parents an edge when kids are alone.

How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

There are some simple steps you can take to make your home less attractive to would-be burglars.

Supercharge Your String Trimmer with an Aero-Flex Universal Kit

The Aero-Flex Universal Kit replaces a standard trimmer’s monofilament line with a unique four-line blade cutting system.

The Best New Home & Garden Products for 2011

Gardeners and homeowners are always looking for the newest and the coolest products, and this year offers a bumper crop.

Liquid Wrench Introduces The Ultimate Six Pack

Liquid Wrench Introduces The Ultimate Six Pack First-of-its-Kind Six Pack of Liquid Products

Werner’s Efficient New Lock-In Accessories Make Household Ladders Work

New Lock-In Accessory System Make Household Ladders Work.

How sprinklers work

Only the high temperature that results from a fire will activate the sprinkler.

New NFPA campaign puts a face on the lifesaving impact of home sprinklers

NFPA Urges sprinkler requirements in new homes to reduce fire problem

Smoke Alarms: A sound you can live with!

Smoke alarms save lives, and can cut the risk of dying in a fire in half. However, smoke alarms must be installed, maintained and working properly to do so.

Two Scott Brand Products Available For Household Cleaning In Time For Fall Home Improvement Season

Scott Rags in a Box and Scott Shop Towels – which are both designed to outperform kitchen roll towels.

Wood Floors Over Radiant Heat Source Reduce Carbon Footprint

Radiant heat is one of the latest green building trends that has gained popularity with eco-conscious consumers.

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Water And Possible Mold Damage

There is now a way to easily prevent water damage from leaks, and flooding from ruptured pipes, or burst hoses? The “24/7 Water Sentinel” set on the floor at every location where a water fixture is installed …

Fire And Water

FirstControl™—a new combination chemical and water fire suppressant delivery system, developed and distributed by the Millennium International Development Corporation …

“Mirror, Mirror On My Wall” Looks Like New Once More

Using only a razor knife and a measuring tape, MirrEdge™ can be custom sized for any rectangular type mirror in minutes. The product is safe to install and extend the mirrors’ useful life as well as enhancing the look of the room where it hangs.

Safe Steps For High-Up Home Maintenance

One Attic Ladder Fits All! Werner’s new aluminum Universal Attic Ladder (model AL2210) takes the guesswork out of accessing your attic

Ladders, Accessories, And Replacement Parts: Getting The Most For Your Money

Battered budgets have increasingly created an era of cautious shoppers who seek full value for home improvement dollars. Investing a little effort in tool and equipment selection pays off …

Fall Outdoor Choices: Yard Work Or Recreation?

Moving and storing necessary lawn and garden equipment may be less exciting than loading an ATV for fall hunting, or hitting the trails for a ride in the woods—but the deal just got sweeter.

Paint-It-Yourselfer’s—Learn Valuable Tips From The Pro’s

With a little planning and the right materials—homeowners can enjoy highly successful home painting projects without hassle and without breaking the budget.

The Fastest Quick Connect System

Ask a professional home remodeler or handyman for maintenance and remodeling tips and you’ll likely find a consensus on the subject of tools.

FLO n STOP™—Keeps Homes Free From Sudden Water Damage

A popular new device featured at the 2008 Home Show provides homeowners a new level of safety and peace of mind&—when leaving on vacation—or just an afternoon shopping trip.Home Improvement Ideas and Articles Separator

First Line Of Defense For Household Fires

First Control™—a new chemical and water fire suppressant delivery system developed and distributed by the Millennium International Development Corporation—provides ready help with small fires …

Professional Ladder Series Helps Homeowners Step Up To The DIY Challenge

Contractors aren’t the only ladder users enthused by the Contractor JobStation™, a performance rated (Type IAA) fiberglass stepladder …


Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Mold

A new Wireless Remote Controlled Water System developed by Millennium International Development Corporation can prevent damage to property, and can save homeowners water and money.


Closet Storage Above The Fray

Organizing the upper limits of a family home can be a challenge for millions of owners who have discovered that they have only a small attic opening hidden away in a bedroom or closet.


Not All Ladders Are Created Equal …

For those certain home improvement projects when two ladders are better, faster, or sturdier than one, or perhaps one leg of the job is simply higher than the other—Werner Ladder has a range of perfect solutions.


New Time-Saving Device For ‘Do-It-Yourselfers’ Promotes Family Leisure

Don’t be stuck with time consuming household projects.


The Fastest Quick Connect System

Ask a professional home remodeler or handyman for maintenance and remodeling tips and you’ll likely find a consensus on the subject of tools.


Chalk It Up To Clever Design

As getting organized becomes a national pastime, decorative chalkboards are becoming increasingly popular for memos, notes, labels and reminders.


New Dimension In Home Attic Ladders Makes Space Exploration Both Popular And Probable

A telescoping attic ladder introduced by Werner Ladder last fall is causing quite a stir among today’s home improvement planners.


Easy Steps For Finding A Memorable And Practical Holiday Gift

If you are looking for a great gift that “raises” expectations and has special appeal to the home maker/fixer-upper in your life


“Green” Lawnmower is Hot

Mantis, the company that makes the world’s most popular mini-tiller, has another hit on its hands. The new Mantis Cordless Reel Mower, introduced earlier this year, is selling like proverbial hotcakes. The Mantis Reel Mower is powered by a 24-volt


Add Safety to your Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The flowers come up. The leaves come out. And, the sun shines brightly into your home – highlighting the fact that it’s time for some spring cleaning.


Safety by Design Continues National Rollout of the Turner Lock

The Turner Lock is a single-cylinder deadbolt lock that can be locked from the outside of the home with one quick keyless turn.


Woodworking Tips For Women

With a growing number of women taking up woodworking at home, woodworking is quickly becoming one of the hottest home improvement trends around.


Vermont American Bit Clips Offer Outstanding Convenience, Value

Perfect for on-the-go pros and DIY users alike, new 15-piece bit clips from Vermont American put the world’s best screwdriver bit tips right at the user’s fingertips … literally.


New Extension Ladder Features Integrated Leg Levelers For Added Safety

Werner Ladder Company has taken steps to make ladder climbing easier and safer with a new extension ladder with a factory-installed leveling system.


New Independent Survey Reveals What Folks Would Rather Do Than Climb A Tall Ladder–With Some Surprising Results

A new independent survey conducted by Westco finds that climbing 25 feet high on a ladder is what makes people’s stress levels skyrocket.


FLIR Introduces New Entry-Level IR Camera For Building Professionals At An Extremely Affordable Price

Infrared thermography has proven to be the best method to monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings and homes. An IR camera provides a powerful and noninvasive means to capture documentation of as-built or post-restoration quality …


Mantis Electric Tiller Is Featured On NBC’s ‘Today Show’

The Mantis Electric Tiller was chosen as one of the best gardening tools for seniors by Jim Miller, “Savvy Senior” correspondent for NBC’s ‘Today Show.’


New Extended Reach Power Tools Make Landscape Jobs Easier

Homeowners who maintain their own yards are always trimming a little here and pruning a little there. But every year hedges grow larger, shrubs get bigger and trees grow taller, so sometimes it’s tough to reach up to the branches that need to be trimmed.


Mantis Launches New Home and Garden Products Website

Mantis, known best for its original mini-tiller, has added a wide variety of products to its offerings over the years.


The Buddy System: A Painter’s Best Friend Since The Drop Cloth

It happens almost every day in homes across the country, and can strike in a variety of ways. Mom carrying groceries in from the garage, a teenager with an over-sized gym bag rushing down a narrow hallway …