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Forino Teams Up With Superior Walls®

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The Forino Co., L.P., a regional home builder based in Sinking Spring, Pa., has made the commitment to start offering and constructing its homes with Superior Walls® precast concrete foundation systems.

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Superior Walls Anticipates Strong 2015

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On target for its second year of double digit growth, Superior Walls of America is poised for continued success with the production and sale of its precast concrete panels in 2015.

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Superior Walls of America Sees Double-Digit Growth in 2014

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At the close of the third quarter for 2014, Superior Walls of America reported a 12 percent increase in year-to-date sales over the same January through September timeframe in 2013.

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Mills Park Hotel Starts with Superior Walls

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Construction started recently of the new Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs, Ohio with the installation of precast concrete wall panels from Superior Walls of East Tennessee ...

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Crimson Construction LLC Relies on Superior Walls Precast Concrete Foundations

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For the past three years, when it's time for Crimson Construction, LLC to start constructing a custom home in the Florham Park area of New Jersey, this builder's first step is to pick up the phone to call Northeast Precast.

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Superior Walls of America Sees 19% Growth in 2013 Over 2012

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(HIT) - Year-end 2013 financial numbers for Superior Walls of America show a 19 percent growth for the company over 2012. The precast concrete manufacturer also anticipates an additional double-digit percentage increase during 2014. "The [...]

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Realtors Find Value In Superior Walls Basements

By |2018-05-09T19:47:44-04:00December 11th, 2013|Categories: Home Improvement Features|Comments Off on Realtors Find Value In Superior Walls Basements

(HIT) - Chip Trautman knows what sells homes. A realtor for more than 17 years, Trautman has come to rely on well-constructed, energy-efficient homes with Superior Walls basements for some of his fastest sales. "In [...]

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Building Up With Superior Walls®

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(HIT) - Builders enthusiastic about energy-efficient construction techniques and products are embracing the “bottom up” building concept using pre-cast concrete walls from Superior Walls®. Beginning with a foundation system made with panels that create a [...]