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Improving A Second Home Can Be Easier And More Rewarding Than You Think!

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As unlikely as it seems you absolutely can renovate a home in Florida, while hard at work in your home office in Maine; or even build a home in 3,000 miles from your current residence in Minnesota.

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Sharing Gifts Of Time And “Talent”…Home Improvement Models Reach New Heights

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(HIT) - Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers seeking the latest expertise and products for home repair, maintenance, and expansion can appreciate the dilemma of those who own homes in areas where the choices are quite different. A [...]

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Weird Winter Woes Found Even The Most Diligent Homeowners Wishing For Hot Water!

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By Carole Stewart (HIT) - Homeowners across large areas of the country will attest that even the most well-maintained furnaces are vulnerable to sudden attacks of weather. Besides the twice yearly cleaning and maintenance checks [...]