(HIT) – Have you ever wondered what kind of animals and other wildlife visit your yard when you’re not there to see them? The new WildlifeCam makes it possible to take crystal-clear digital photos of the wildlife that visits your yard or every bird that visits your bird feeder.

Image of the Wildlife cam from Wingscapes.com
Wildlife Cam takes close-up photos of the wildlife that visits your yard. (Photo courtesy of Wingscapes.com)

The WildlifeCam is a motion-activated camera that automatically takes photos of every animal visitor—even if you aren’t there to see them in person. The high-resolution, 8-megapixel digital photos capture candid moments of wildlife in stunning, full-color detail. The WildlifeCam’s infrared “Smart Sensor” technology even ignores extraneous movement (like tree branches in the wind), so it minimizes shots taken when no animals are present.

The built-in flash makes it possible to take photos of animals in low light—or even capture nighttime visitors such as raccoons, deer and other wildlife in the dark. The WildlifeCam can also take digital videos with sound. Downloading the photos and videos to a computer is easy by using the included USB cable or an optional SD memory card.

The WildlifeCam is tough and weatherproof, so it will stand up to years of outdoor use. The camera is easy to set up, and no additional tools, wiring or software is required. WildlifeCam sells for $119.95 at fine stores and www.wingscapes.com.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center