(HIT) – Gardening, family gatherings, play and hobby centers, and even guest quarters have never been more popular. As the ever-increasing variety of outdoor structures become rooms fit for any event from rustic to luxurious, it’s hard to imagine a get-together in your dining room ever again! As the short winter evenings approach, many people are thinking the same thing. Installing an enclosed garden structure will provide a party-spot away from the house that is as versatile as the outdoor living space. An enclosed structure can be used for simple storage, a studio, a quiet retreat, or party central! And, as people consider winter storage, winter entertaining, and the fear of being cooped up in the house for the rest of the season—autumn is the perfect time to get an enclosed garden structure.

What is a Cabana?

While a cabana originally referred to the island huts located in tropical locales, the definition has definitely broadened! A cabana is at home in any backyard, poolside, or garden and, unlike a gazebo, is always enclosed with windows. Many people choose to embrace the rustic feeling of a cabana with a cedar interior, louvered shutters, and sun dial arch cutouts to let natural light flood through the top of the walls. Outfitted with French doors and a stylish cupola, this structure is likely to give your home some competition for most fashionable center of attention.

Image of a cabana with a cedar interior, louvered shutters, and sun dial arch cutouts by Fifthroom.com
Photo courtesy of Fifthroom.com

If you concentrate the majority of your summer entertaining around an outside pool, a cabana makes a great pool house. Use it all summer for changing and amusement, and then use it to store all of the pool supplies over the winter.

Gone are the days of building a low-quality storage shed in the backyard to hold the lawn mower and thinking there aren’t any other options. With the rising popularity of stylish outdoor living, garden structures like cabanas, pool houses, and ramadas are becoming more available and more customizable to fit every homeowner’s needs.

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