(HIT) – Every porch should be a warm, welcoming outdoor living space that offers comfort and helps make a house a home. Whether you want to remodel your porch from the ground up, or just give it a refreshing new look and feel, it’s easier than you think to create a perfect porch. With enduring, low-maintenance exterior home products from Kleer® and Mid-America Siding Components®, you can design a unique, inviting outdoor retreat that ideally complements your home’s architecture and your lifestyle.

Image of low-maintenance Kleer® Decking and Kleer® Trimboard
Creating the perfect low-maintenance porch for year-round enjoyment is easy with Tapco’s Kleer and Mid-America brand exterior products, which add warmth and beauty to every home. Witt Construction, located in Saratoga Springs, NY has a niche is one-of-a-kind design-build homes. They trust Kleer to provide the charming, authentic look of real wood with low-maintenance upkeep. Photo courtesy of Witt Construction and the Tapco Group.

Making a friendly foundation and frame for your porch is simple with low-maintenance Kleer® Decking and Kleer® Trimboard, which feature the warm aesthetics of real wood without the endless upkeep. Start with a Kleer deck as enchanting flooring for your remodeled porch, choosing from the rich, nature-inspired color palettes available for Kleer’s Sierra Series and Coastal Series Decking. Sierra offers deep, solid earth tones with wood grain textures such as Sequoia, plus streaked tropical wood looks, such as Golden Teak. The Coastal Series offers charming Cobblestone and serene Sand Dune hues, which give your porch a relaxing feel reminiscent of a seaside resort. Whichever Kleer Decking color feels like home to you, your porch is bound to be the most beautiful and enduring on the block.

Framing your porch, like a picture for the world to see, is easy with Kleer Trimboard’s versatile product options. Add elegant white or colorfully painted accent trim around the top, bottom, and sides of the porch using Kleer’s durable cellular PVC trimboards in a variety of sizes. Kleer trim can even be crafted into ornate gingerbread, or curved using heat-bending to make soaring arches. Kleer Mouldings can be readily cut so that you can add eye-catching detail anywhere. Using Kleer Beaded Sheets, you can build a porch ceiling with great warmth and charm. For a picturesque porch, enclose columns in Kleer Post Wraps to protect them from the elements while adding wood’s natural, finished look.

To complete your perfect porch, dress up nearby windows and doors with distinctive touches that complement the look and feel of your outdoor living space. High-impact, budget-friendly ideas include adding Mid-America Siding Components’ richly-colored shutters with matching window headers to enhance your porch’s warmth and curb appeal. Mid-America’s sophisticated Flat Panel and geometric-style Classic Dentil headers pair perfectly with Mid-America’s decorative shutters, from classic Open Louver to Old World-style Board-n-Batten. Another quick, easy upgrade is an inviting door surround in cream, white, or another neutral color to enhance porch aesthetics. Adding a door surround is a natural way to create that “welcome home” feeling too.

Designed for easy living, Tapco’s enduring Kleer and Mid-America brand solutions never require painting or wood’s time-intensive upkeep. Whether you want to transform your porch into a cozy gathering spot or grand wrap-around retreat, Tapco’s exterior products can put the perfect low-maintenance outdoor living space within your reach.

About The Tapco Group
Kleer® and Mid-America Siding Components® are products of The Tapco Group®, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, call 1-800-521-8486 or visit www.TheTapcoGroup.com A leading provider of easy to install, premium innovative interior and exterior products, The Tapco Group has served the building industry since 1961, specializing in the manufacturing of siding, decking, trim, tool systems, egress systems and siding components. The products combine versatile application, durability, vast color palettes and uncommon authenticity to exceed the expectations of contractors and homeowners. The Tapco Group – Genuinely Better Building Products™.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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