(HIT) – If you’re like most people, you know how much of a problem “balky” folding closet doors can be. They can be hard to open or hard to close. They can chatter, stick or refuse to stay in place. Even fall out of the track! Well, don’t blame your doors. In most cases, it’s the hardware that’s at fault.

Fortunately, whether it’s for new construction or remodeling, you can easily overcome folding door problems with Johnson Hardware’s 1700 Series Folding Door Hardware Kits. Visit the Johnson website to see the installation video.

Image of the 1700 Series Folding Door Hardware Kit
It’s easy to replace existing hardware or install new folding door hardware with the Johnson Hardware 1700 series. Exclusive features solve “balky” folding door problems permanently.

These easy-to-install kits contain everything you need and include some exclusive features found only in the Johnson 1700 Series. Each kit comes with “positive pivot locks” that permanently hold the top pivots securely to the overhead track. Once the doors are locked into the track, they can’t fall out.

Another feature of the pivots is they’re surface-mounted, meaning there’s no drilling to insert door pivots and guides into the doors. And, since the pivots and guides are designed to bridge glued joints, they actually strengthen the doors.

An overhead steel track gives solid support while virtually eliminating the gap at the top of the door for a more pleasing look. Because the track has a factory-applied wood tone finish, it blends right in with stained or natural finish doors. The brass tone hardware also complements most door finishes.

The 1700 Series’ adjustable door brackets mount on the jamb — not the floor. So carpeting can be run into closets without cutting. Also, the brackets come with pivot point adjustments that easily correct the alignment of warped doors at the center of the door opening.

Johnson’s patented “breathing” hinges are self-aligning and act like small shock absorbers to protect doors and hardware when the doors are opened abruptly. The hinges give or “breathe” so they prevent over folding and compensate for abusive handling or binding if the doors warp.

A snap to install, the 1700 Series even comes with a handy adjustment wrench. It is the perfect choice for the professional or handyman.

To see how easily the 1700 Series can solve folding door problems, ask for Johnson Hardware’s free booklet. Call 1-800-837-5664 or write to: Dept. LI-1700, L.E. Johnson Products, Inc., 2100 Sterling Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46516. Visit their web site at http://www.johnsonhardware.com and see the installation video for yourself.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center