(HIT) – Planting a garden is a traditional springtime activity. But what if you don’t have enough room for a garden plot? What if you’ve got no yard at all—but you still want to grow vegetables of flowers?

The solution is simple: grow plants in containers. Container gardening enables you to grow plants even if you have precious little space. A sunny patio, balcony, or windowsill can be enough space to grow one or more plants.

As container gardening has grown in popularity during the past few years, many different kinds of containers have been introduced that make container gardening easier and more productive. Self-irrigated containers, which have a built-in water reservoir that keeps plants comfortably moist, make it easy and efficient to plant salad greens, tomatoes and other tasty edibles. When growing in traditional pots, inserts can be used to keep plant roots from getting water clogged and overgrown. Even when you do have space for a garden, a new type of fabric container can make it faster to plant and easier to keep your plants healthy.

Here are some of the best products for modern container gardening.

GrowBox™ brings hassle-free gardening to even tiny spaces

Looking for an easier way to grow tasty tomatoes or luscious lettuce? Would you like to garden but don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden? The Garden Patch™ GrowBox™ planter makes it possible for anyone to garden, even in the smallest of spaces—and even on balconies, patios and front steps.

Image of the GrowBox gardening containers sold by The Garden patch
Photo courtesy of GrowBox

The GrowBox™ planter is perfect for busy people and beginning gardeners because it does most of the work for you. The containers come with a cut-out planting guide that shows gardeners exactly where and what to plant. Each GrowBox™ system includes the patented Nutrient Patch™ cover that automatically adds fertilizer as the plants need it. Inside the planter, a four-gallon water well adds water at the correct rate so plants never dry out. The entire system can be set-up and growing in about 15 minutes.

The classic GrowBox™ (in Terra Cotta and Dark Green) sells for $29.95, plus $6.95 shipping at www.AGardenPatch.com. To grow more vegetables, order three GrowBoxes for $105, shipping included. Just add potting soil and plants and your garden is complete. The GrowBox™ container growing system is also available in four new designer colors—Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant and Lime. The new designer colors offer a great way to dress-up patios, balconies and decks. They sell for $37.95each.

To support tall plants and vines like tomatoes and cucumbers, add the optional new GrowBox™ Support Cage. The fiberglass support rods contain an elastic rope inside so the staking kit practically assembles itself. Just stretch it out a little and the rods slip into the metal connectors. The support cage sells for $25.95 and fits right on top of the GrowBox™. For more information and to purchase visit www.AGardenPatch.com or call (800) 519-1955.

Big Bag Bed™ is the king size of growing containers


Image of the Bid Bag Bed Growing Container by Big Bad Bed
Photo courtesy of Big Bad Bed

The Big Bag Bed™ makes raised bed gardening easy. Just unfold the bed, fill it with soil and plant—no construction is necessary. The Big Bag Bed is made of the same durable, aeration fabric as the popular Smart Pots®. The porous fabric warms quickly in spring, releases excessive heat in summer, provides excellent drainage, and air-prunes plant roots for better, more efficient root systems. A weatherproof, USA-made Big Bag Bed will last for years.

The circular Big Bag Bed is available in three sizes: Original, Junior and Mini. The Original Big Bag Bed, the largest size available, is 50 inches across and the walls are 12 inches high. It holds one-half cubic yard of growing mix and has 13.5 square feet of growing area. The Junior size is 36 inches in diameter and the Mini is 24 inches in diameter. All three sizes are available in either black or the newly introduced purple.

Prices for the award-winning Big Bag Beds range from $14.95 to $48.95 depending on size and color. For more information got to www.bigbagbed.com.

Smart Soil Separator helps keep potted plants healthy

Image of the Smart Soil Separator solves the problem of drainage in container growin
Photo courtesy of Nature’s Footprint

Many potted plants become root-bound, and they suffer when the roots at the bottom of the pot sit in too much water. The Smart Soil Separator™ extends plant life and encourages healthy, vigorous plants by providing a permanent airspace at the bottom of gardening pots that stimulates a plant’s lateral root branching. It also solves the problem of drainage in container growing—making the practice of putting rocks at the bottom of a pot obsolete. In addition, a Smart Soil Separator can serve as a means to create “sub-irrigation” in the planting container, which enables plant roots to pull water upward via capillary action from the pot’s saucer. The adjustable and reusable soil separator can be used indoors or outdoors. It will fit pots with a bottom diameter from 5″ to 7″.

The Smart Soil Separator is the newest gardening product from Bellingham, Washington-based Nature’s Footprint. Patterned after the soil separator component in the company’s highly successful UrBin Grower™ line of growing containers, the Smart Soil Separator provides gardeners a way to make growing small plants as efficient as growing large plants in the larger UrBin Grower containers. For more information and to order, visit www.SmartSoilSeparator.com. A Smart Soil Separator 2-pack is being offered at the introductory price of $7.95 or a 4-pack for $12.95. Shipping is free.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center