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Get Your Roof Ready for Hurricane Season 2015

Given the early start to Hurricane Season 2015 with the arrival of Tropical Storm Ana in mid-May, experts at DaVinci Roofscapes advise homeowners to act now to prepare their homes for potentially volatile weather this summer.

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Creating the Perfect Porch Is Possible with Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Products

Every porch should be a warm, welcoming outdoor living space that offers comfort and helps make a house a home. Whether you want to remodel your porch from the ground up, or just give it a refreshing new look and feel...

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Deck Your Halls with Smooth-Operating, Space-Saving Sliding Closet Doors

Every square foot of space in your home counts. So why not create more space with sliding door hardware? It’s the perfect solution for hallways and other narrow areas where standard swinging doors get in your way.

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It Took a One Track Mind to Create Johnson Hardware’s New Trackless Door Guides

For as long as anyone can remember, bypass and multi-pass sliding pocket doors always required bottom guide tracks to deliver the best opening and closing operation. But Johnson Hardware isn’t one to follow the same well-worn track.

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2015 Color Forecast: Gray is Here To Stay

It’s very easy on the eyes. It’s understated and sophisticated. And most tints and shades of gray are ‘chameleon’ colors that change appearance when the light changes, so they provide enormous visual interest...

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