(HIT) – When Valerie McGovern retired from the Air Force, she had 23 years worth of household items gathered from her military travels to fit into her modestly sized home in historical Fredricksburg, VA. “Getting the most out of the space I had was priority one,” said the airman turned successful artist. So after seeing pictures of a wall mounted sliding door project, the ambitious DIYer did research to see if she could install them in her home. “I knew what I wanted to do from seeing similar space saving projects in home décor magazines and online galleries, so I did an internet search for “sliding doors” and Johnson Hardware came up several times on the first page. I knew I was on the right track when I visited their website and found exactly the sliding door hardware that I had in mind,” McGovern said.

Image of two standard doors

To increase her home’s beauty and livability, McGovern installed space saving Johnson wall mount sliding door hardware across the entire length of the wall. “I was looking to reclaim space in both my bathroom and laundry room,” said the home remodeling enthusiast who completed the entire project herself. “Installing sliding doors freed up a lot of floor space in the bathroom, which is my next remodeling project. I’m really excited to have the floor space so I can replace the corner sink with a full sink and cabinet.”

McGovern mounted the doors using two sets of Johnson 2610F Wall Mount Hardware, covered with a single valance and matching trim that kept the “craftsman” look and feel of her home. It also allowed her to enjoy the artwork on the room’s main wall when the doors are closed. “This set up didn’t deter from the classic home style. In fact, it absolutely brought everything together.”

The sliding door to the laundry also provided unobstructed access to a “doggie door” previously blocked by the swinging door. The Johnson wall mount hardware even has an adjustable bumper, which McGovern set to allow one door to always stay open at least 10” so her four-legged housemates can come and go as they please.

Image of two sets of Johnson 2610F Wall Mount Sliding Doors
Home remodeling enthusiast Valerie McGovern increased the interior beauty and usable space in her historic Fredricksburg, VA home with a creative installation featuring two sets of Johnson 2610F Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. The doors separate her kitchen from the bathroom and laundry room.

“The Johnson wall mount hardware easily handled the original six-panel wood doors, which was great because they would have been difficult and expensive to replace,” said McGovern, who was anxious about getting the doors to line up with the floor and square in the door jambs. “Luckily the door track and wall mount hardware are adjustable, so everything lined up nicely in the end.”

The bathroom door needed to be lockable to ensure occupant privacy and comfort. “The Johnson privacy lock was easily adjustable, so I could pull the bathroom door out a 16th of an inch to make sure it was still lockable from the inside,” said McGovern.

“I really enjoyed doing this project on my own; it wasn’t that difficult at all,” reports McGovern. “The instructions were easy to follow from start to finish and I didn’t have any problems. I love the outcome. Everybody who sees my new sliding doors says they wish they could have this set up in their own home.”

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Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center