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Johnson Hardware Makes Access To Inside Doorways Just That: Accessible

(HIT) - The world often presents its own set of problems to the physically challenged. But once inside their own home, any problem should be left outside the door. And that's the whole idea behind Johnson's Pocket Door Frame.

Standard doors that lead from room to room within the home are often problematic in themselves. They swing in and out of entryways in extensive arcs, necessitating awkward maneuvering for people in wheelchairs. But with a Johnson Pocket Door Frame, you can quickly and affordably transform any inside entryway into one that makes the coming and going from one room to the next, a whole lot easier.

Unique Hardware Kit For Open Pocket Door Saves Valuable Floor Area And Adding Decorative Beauty To Your Home
Johnson Pocket Door Frames are smart in many ways: in looks, in space-saving practicality, and in the way they provide easy room-to-room access for those who are physically challenged. Not only does the Pocket Door Frame expand the passageway for wheelchairs and walkers, the door can easily slide out of the way with just one arm motion. In addition, Johnson offers Pocket Door Locks that latch automatically and unlatch with a touch of a button.
The frame kits allow doors to slide across entryways, instead of having to swing through them. So all of the floor space surrounding either side of the doorway can be used. The door itself slides inside the adjacent wall virtually out of sight when open, then across the entryway when closed.

Furthermore, Johnson Pocket Door Frames fit doors in a broad range of sizes including wider dimensions to facilitate wheelchair access. Installation using the kits is a job that construction professionals can handle in just a few minutes and that do-it-yourselfers can normally complete within a half-hour.

In addition to creating accessibility, pocket door installation can enhance household decor by contributing a modern look and making interior spaces feel open and uncluttered. The frames can be used with doors of virtually any design.

To ensure smooth, maintenance-free operation over the years, Johnson has incorporated several design innovations that eliminate problems once associated with doors in walls. The company backs its frame with a lifetime guarantee.

Accessories include a converging door kit for joining two pocket door frames, doors pulls and privacy locks. The privacy locks fit standard pre-bored doors. You can install them without cutting the door and invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.

For more information on making entryways more accessible and other pocket door ideas, write for a booklet available free from L.E. Johnson Products, Inc., 2100 Sterling Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46516, call 800-837-5664 or visit our web site at http://www.johnsonhardware.com.

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