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The Secret to More Space and Privacy: Pocket Doors

(HIT) - With more homeowners searching for ways to be environmentally-responsible, pocket doors are sustainability’s secret weapon. They consume no usable floor space and can be completely hidden away in the wall. In addition to maximizing floor space, they provide enhanced privacy and beautiful entries. Pocket doors allow builders and architects to design more energy-efficient, right-sized homes that deliver cost-savings and outstanding space utilization.

Homes with smaller footprints feature optimized living areas that consume fewer building materials and generate lower energy bills. With their smarter functionality, pocket doors are an effective, easy way to reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

Johnson Hardware’s pocket door systems
Johnson Hardware pocket door systems save resources, space and money. While a pocket door requires no usable floor space to operate, a swinging door takes up 8 – 10 sq. ft. of usable floor space. That’s space for a microwave, bookcase, decorative accessory or dozens of other uses.
With Johnson Hardware’s pocket door systems, homeowners can easily create improved door designs. It all starts with the pocket door’s space-saving utility. Where a traditional swinging door can require 8 – 10 sq. ft. of usable floor space, a pocket door takes none. Envision the additional usable floor space generated by replacing a dozen swinging doors with space-saving pocket doors. It could save 120 sq. ft. of floor space – that’s less to build, and less to heat and cool. Taking into account a value calculation of $150/sq. ft., the space-savings would equate to $18,000.

Having this additional usable floor space means families gain a place to put a needed bookshelf or lamp, favorite piece of artwork, vibrant flowering plant, or other desired furniture or furnishings. In terms of simple comfort, a pocket door makes a room seem roomier.

Pocket doors can also maximize open floor plans with their virtually limitless design potential. With Johnson Hardware’s heavy-duty pocket door frame, a homeowner could use doors that weigh up to 300 lbs. and have a maximum interior entry opening of 90 sq. ft. A doorway this size, using converging pocket doors, offers great traffic flow and versatility. One large room can seemingly be created out of two when the converging pocket doors are open. When not in use, rooms can be sectioned off to save on heating and cooling costs.

Pocket doors are also recognized for their universal design factor and benefits for aging in place. They are easier to access by those who use a wheelchair or a walker to assist with mobility. While a swinging door can be difficult to maneuver around, a pocket door that glides easily into the inside of the wall offers no obstacle. With wheelchairs requiring a larger doorway, these doors can be pushed and pulled easily, riding smoothly on Johnson Hardware’s jump-proof tracks and ball-bearing rollers. Johnson systems are designed to last a lifetime, using commercial-grade, three-wheel or four-wheel hangers. As residents age in place, the pocket doors will remain easy to operate with Johnson’s quality-tested and guaranteed components.

From high-density urban neighborhoods to new environmentally-conscious single-family homes and multi-family communities, building for optimal space needs is driving sustainable living. Pocket doors give homeowners the solution for the most usable space. In new construction, the Johnson pocket door frame is a fast installation for homebuilders. For existing homes, making a change to more efficient pocket doors is also an easy project. A remodeler or experienced do-it-yourselfer can install a Johnson pocket door frame in minutes, with just a few tools.

To learn more about Johnson Hardware and to see a full range of sustainable interior entry solutions, visit www.johnsonhardware.com or call 800-837-5664.

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