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Install A Pocket Door Frames To Open Up Space

Pocket door installation using the L.E. Johnson Pocket Door Frame kit.
Organizing the clutter in your closets and bathrooms just requires some patience, creativity, and Johnson Hardware's space-saving Pocket Door Frames.
(HIT) - Installing a pocket door is a great way to open up space in your home. As a rule, people only use about ten percent of their belongings, while the other ninety percent is clutter, which can take over your space if not properly organized. Two big problem areas for clutter are closets and bathrooms, and both are ideal candidates for installing a pocket door.

Closets can literally become dumping grounds for items people don't know what to do with—things they don't want to discard but that rarely get used or worn. Closet shelves overflow, clothing racks are overloaded, and door hooks host myriad ancient bathrobes and ties.

Clutter is king in most bathrooms too, consuming what little vanity counter space there is. Bathroom cabinets and drawers are almost always bursting with old or unused products.

With the right organizational strategy, you can take back closet and bath spaces and put them to productive use. Reclaiming space means making some tough decisions and a few fun ones. Focus on one closet to make the task less overwhelming and create a "model closet" with elements that can be duplicated. First, label three boxes Keep, Discard, and Unsure. Categorize closet contents into these boxes. Take the Discard box to a thrift store. Tape shut the Unsure box and set it aside—if a year passes and you don't retrieve anything from it, take it to the thrift store too.

Before returning your Keep box contents to the closet, measure the closet and choose organizer systems that fit your space and budget. Affordable ideas are stackable storage boxes; double-rod clothes racks (one hangs above); solid or wire shelves; hanging shoe bags; and drawer units for small accumulating items. Store everything you use weekly in easy-access locations, between knee and shoulder height. In the bathroom, use under-sink and drawer organizers to keep counters clutter-free, stackable bins, caddies, corner shelving, and wall-mounted storage units, even above the toilet.

Another strategic consideration is your closet or bathroom door. Swing-out doors take up extra floor space, inhibit access to closet contents, and prohibit use of wall and floor space behind them as they can do damage if flung open. Consider installing a Pocket Door Frame system, a sliding "door-in-the-wall" that creates space where you most need it, ensures free access to closest and bathroom contents, doesn't cause "swing-out" damage, and doesn't fold up in your way. Johnson Hardware offers innovative Pocket Door Frames, which are an economical way to "expand" small rooms, especially bathrooms, where traditional doors can swing in and damage vanities, toilets, or furniture.

With a Pocket Door, more space is available for wall or corner shelving and other organizing tools in bathrooms and closets. Fitting doorways up to 5 feet wide by 9 feet high, Johnson Hardware's Pocket Door Frames also let you transform closet and bathroom doors into tasteful design elements.

The Johnson Pocket Door Frame works with all doors 1-1/8" to 1-3/4" thick and weighing up to 125 pounds. Heavy-duty ball-bearing hangers are available for sliding doors up to 300 pounds. To provide years of maintenance-free, smooth operation, the Johnson Pocket Door Frame is designed to eliminate the problems traditionally associated with a door-in-the-wall.

The track's box shape and convex rails make it impossible for hanger wheels to jump off. Special keyhole slots allow you to remove the track easily without tearing out a wall. And with Johnson's unique hanger clip system, you can remove the door for painting or staining after the drywall and trim are in place.

Accessories include a converging door kit for joining two pocket door frames, doors pulls and privacy locks. The privacy locks fit standard pre-bored doors. You can install them without cutting the door and invalidating the manufacturer's warranty.

For more information about Johnson Hardware Pocket Door Frames, call 1-800-837-5664 or visit

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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