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Raised Panel Wood Doors Combine Elegance And Durability, Add Energy Efficiency From Entryway To Patio

All wood raised panel entry door with sidelights from Simpson Door ...
(HIT) - When most people think about interior design, they typically only think of paint, window treatments and furniture. Yet, doors play a much bigger role in a home's architectural styling and upgrading them can have a dramatic affect. Replacing them with raised panel wood doors can be relatively quick and easy, especially compared to other potential remodeling projects around the home.

So, if your doors are looking a little tired and outdated, here's some tips to help get you started:

  1. Raised panel wood doors are good! While door style preferences will vary from one homeowner to the next, wood is the material specified in remodeling projects five times more frequently than anything else. Wood doors are much more beautiful than fiberglass or steel, and wood raised panel doors are easier to paint or stain to match an existing doorjamb or molding. Recent developments in manufacturing and production techniques also make today's wood doors considerably more durable for both interior and exterior applications—even in the harshest of climates.
  2. What once was old is new again! Designers know that light can make any entryway look grander and look for doors with glass inserts. Particularly popular are the retro styles with geometric patterns of stained glass exemplifying the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th Century. Today's art glass doors, however, outperform those of yesteryear thanks to airtight glass units, triple glazing on leaded glass inserts, argon gas sealed within insulated glass units and other improvements that improve energy efficiency.
  3. Vinyl is out! An increasing number of homeowners are upgrading their deck or patio entryways with raised panel wood French doors. Vinyl sliding glass doors have been the default choice for quite a while now primarily because of cost. They work just fine, but lack warmth and appeal. In contrast, wood French doors add a touch of class and change the passage between indoor and outdoor space from an afterthought to a feature.
  4. Wood raised panel doors are easy to fit. Whether your home is older and all the doors are an irregular size or you just have eclectic tastes, you can always find the right door. Simpson Door Company, makers of some of the most beautiful raised panel wood doors in the world, has more than 1,000 standard styles and a custom door manufacturing facility that can build you virtually any door. You can even order some interior raised panel doors with different decorative accents on each side.
  5. Form and function. Why settle for a door that simply opens and closes? Sales of products like Simpson's Chalkboard Panel Door are skyrocketing. Its panels of magnetic chalkboard material are ideal for jotting down grocery lists in the pantry, keeping score in a game room or even nurturing young artists in a child's bedroom.

Whether you simply want to replace the doors you have or go for a complete makeover, there are a number of resources available to help you choose. The big box retailers usually have a limited inventory from just a few brands, but there are many specialty door retailers across the country that can help you choose and even install them for you. To find out more about all the available options or just locate a specialty retailer near you, contact Simpson Door Company at 1-800-952-4057 or visit

Chalboard style raised panel door from Simpson ...

Specialty door retailers across the country can help you locate and even install the doors that open and close your design. The popular Chalkboard Panel Door adds to family fun and function.

Performance Series wood raised panel French door style from Simpson ...

Simpson's Performance Series® French Doors which can be ordered with insulated glass units, frame a patio entryway with a distinct style and architecture.

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