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Raised Panel Interior Doors Add Beauty And Elegance

(HIT) - Homeowners, designers and decorators are learning that interior doors are an integral part of a home’s total decorating scheme. "Interior doors are more than just functional. They are an important part of the ‘look’ of the home," said Jill Pauza, marketing manager for CraftMaster® doors.

Decorative raised paneled doors enhance the appearance and style of a home, and, at the same time, they increase the home’s value. Through every room in the home, doors are highly visible and a reflection of the owners’s taste.

"Today’s homeowner should choose a door with the same care and design considerations that goes into the purchase of a piece of fine furniture," Pauza said. Although many of us overlook the aesthetic value of doors in our homes, there are, on average, 15 interior doors in every American home. Because they’re so predominant, decorative raised panel interior doors deserve more attention and consideration.

CraftMaster raised panel interior doors are factory primed, and can be painted to match any color scheme. CraftMaster doors also have the widest variety of styles in the industry. They include, two-, three-, four- and six-panel designs. For even more elegance, CraftMaster is available in seven- and eight-foot versions of its two- and six-panel designs. All CraftMaster styles are available from door manufacturers in solid core models to offer the beauty and warmth of solid wood doors at one-third the cost.

A Decorating Example

John Jenkins, of Chicago lives in a 14-year old tract home. "We had hollow core flush doors throughout the home. They were turning yellow, very plain and gave the home a dark, depressing look," said Jenkins.

"My wife and I found CraftMaster raised panel interior doors in a magazine ad. We liked the way they looked, their style. We decided to redecorate, and used the doors as an element to add elegance and lighten the look of our house," Jenkins explained.

"I painted the doors and hung them myself. The change speaks for itself. The difference was night and day, and we’re very satisfied," Jenkins said.

Make A Design Statement With Raised Panel Interior Doors

Whether your home is old or new, replacing old flush door designs with raised panel interior doors can help bring together the design statement you want to make with your home’s decor. For more information on CraftMaster door designs, visit Craftmaster online at

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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