(HIT) – As increasing numbers of homeowners look to future-proof their homes for later life, demand for a practical but also beautiful home lift solution has arisen and Pennsylvania-based Stiltz Home Lifts is leading the way with their new contemporary and stylish, Duo Alta.

Image of the all new Duo Alta Lift System

Image of the all new Duo Alta Lift System

Beautifully complementing the look and feel of a room, this eye-catching elevator provides an easy way of traveling between the floors of the home. It blends effortlessly into the background of any room and has a semi-transparent body which allows natural light to flood in to the room.

Very quiet when in motion and ergonomic in design, the Stiltz Duo Alta Home Elevator is as sleek as it is practical. When this high-tech residential elevator is stationed upstairs it virtually ‘disappears’ from the floor below, with only its two slender self-supporting stilts remaining. As the lift travels downstairs it leaves a floor plug behind to block the hole from upstairs.  This floor plug is safe to stand on and you can even place your original floor material back on top so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the room.

With a tiny footprint of around seven square feet, the Duo Alta maximizes floor space and can be installed practically anywhere in the home, offering a distinct advantage over its hydraulic counterparts. Popular locations include family room to bedroom or hallway to landing. It can also be fitted within a turning staircase, slotting into the dead space in the void or it can be completely hidden from view and travel between closets.

A standard retrofit takes between one and two days and construction requirements are usually very simple and easy to complete as the elevator does not need to be fixed to walls or ceilings. As no hydraulics are needed, the elevator only requires a 220v outlet (or 110v when used with a transformer) meaning it is extremely economical and energy saving.

For more information about the Stiltz Duo Alta Home Elevator visit www.stiltzlifts.com or to request a free brochure contact (844) 4 STILTZ or (610) 443-2282 or email on info@stiltzlifts.com

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center