(HIT) – For as long as anyone can remember, bypass and multi-pass sliding pocket doors always required bottom guide tracks to deliver the best opening and closing operation. But Johnson Hardware isn’t one to follow the same well-worn track. Providing a more streamlined appearance, new Johnson Hardware Trackless Door Guides eliminate the need for a threshold or bottom guide track. So it’s now much easier to travel through an entryway, especially for people who use walkers or wheel chairs. Nor is there any track or threshold to gather dirt and dust, meaning maintenance chores are a lot easier. Of course, since there’s no bottom guide track or threshold needed, bypass and multi-pass pocket door systems install easier and faster.

Image of a door using Johnson Hardware's trackless door guides
Johnson Hardware’s Trackless Door Guides provide a clean, streamlined appearance, improve traffic flow and eliminate the need for dust-catching bottom guide tracks (shown in photo: 100MP Sliding Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware).

Johnson Hardware trackless door guides are available on Series 200MP, 100MP and 111MP Sliding Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware, and Series 200BP, 100BP and 111BP Sliding ByPass Pocket Door Hardware. All feature fully adjustable/removable door hangers for a precision installation, and smooth rolling nylon encapsulated ball bearing wheels for easy gliding operation.

Designed for heavy-duty commercial grade applications, with a maximum door weight of 400 lbs. each, the 200MP and 200BP feature a precision extruded heavy-gauge aluminum I-beam top track and can be used on door thicknesses of 1-¾ inch (45 mm) or 2-¼ inch (57 mm). The 200MP can be used on wall thicknesses of 11-¼ inch or more, and the 200BP can be used on wall thicknesses of 9-¼-inch or more

Engineered for standard commercial grade and residential applications, the 100MP, 111MP, 100BP and 111BP feature a top precision extruded aluminum “jump proof” box track and can be used on door thicknesses of 1-3/8 inch (35 mm), 1-¾ inch (45 mm) or 2-¼ inch (57 mm).

  • The 100MP and 100BP can be used with a maximum door weight of 200 lbs. each. The 111MP and 111BP are best suited for doors with a maximum weight of 150 lbs. each.
  • The 100MP and 111MP can be used on wall thicknesses of 9-¼ inch or more, while the 100BP and 111BP are designed for wall thicknesses of thicknesses of 7-¼ inch or more.

Since 1958, Johnson Hardware has been a leader in manufacturing pocket door, wall-mount, bypass and bifold hardware for heavy-duty commercial and residential applications. To learn more about Johnson Hardware trackless door guides, visit www.johnsonhardware.com or call 800-837-5664.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center