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(HIT) – As autumn approaches and temperatures begin to cool off, the time is right to plant spring-flowering bulbs. There might be no easier way to start gardening or add color to a flower bed than adding bulbs. All you do is dig a hole, drop in a bulb, cover it up—and you’re done! Here’s a great species tulip variety and a tool that makes planting bulbs easier.

Tulips that come back, year after year

Species tulips are the wildflowers of the tulip family. They are smaller than their more extravagant hybrid sisters. But species tulips are known to establish themselves in the garden and come back year after year, making them a great addition to rock gardens, perennial borders and naturalized drifts of spring blooms. ‘Eastern Star’ (Tulipa humillis ‘Eastern Star’) is a dainty little tulip that packs a colorful punch in the early spring garden. Its petals are a bright magenta with a canary-yellow heart and yellow anthers. It reaches just 6 inches tall, so it tucks easily into the front of any garden bed. ‘Eastern Star’ is hardy in USDA Zones 4-8. 25 bulbs sell for $11.50, 50 bulbs sell for $18, and 100 bulbs are $29 from

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