(HIT) – With your own custom designed Ramada you can enjoy the experience of being outside without being exposed to the elements. The open design provides a maximum potential for breezes, making them an ideal choice for outdoor dining and evening entertainment.

Ramadas can be freestanding in a yard or on a deck, or can be attached to a residence, and ordered in shades that are complimentary to other existing structures on the property. Because Ramadas are incredibly sturdy, additional features such as fireplaces and barbecue areas easily are added.

Fifthroom.com has a variety of outdoor structures, with Ramadas in a choice of treated pine like the 14’ x 18’ model shown here with 6” Taller Posts and aged Redwood asphalt shingles. The same remarkable features are available in white vinyl. Both are durable and sturdy, built to withstand 140 mph winds and 45 pounds per square foot snow loads.

Image of a Ramada built with treated pine by Fifthroom.com
This year around 14’ x 18’ Treated Pine Ramada is featured with 6” Taller Posts and Aged Redwood Asphalt Shingles for maximum beauty and durability.  Photo courtesy of Fifthroom.com

Vinyl ramadas are virtually maintenance free and never need to be stained or painted. These relaxation centers come with a variety of additional options, including choices of roof and post types, and decorative yet functional cupolas. For customers who are serious about their outdoor entertainment, electrical receptacles and switches also can be added to your structure.

Ramadas, in kit form or fully assembled, are available and can be custom designed online to enhance any back yard, porch, pool or garden area.

Choose from an array of sizes in treated pine, the most economical selection, or vinyl with heavy duty vinyl sleeves to protect #1 grade treated pine posts, rails and braces.

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Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center