(HIT) – Flower bulbs are proof that gardeners are optimists. Gardeners plant flower bulbs because they are always looking optimistically forward to the next growing season. As autumn begins to shut down the garden for the year, and most people are saying goodbye to summer, gardeners know that it’s the perfect time to plant flower bulbs that will bloom in the spring.

“Planting bulbs now is like planting buried treasure, because in the dead of winter many of us sometimes forget that we’ve even planted bulbs,” said Jo-Anne van den Berg-Ohms of John Scheepers Bulbs (www.johnscheepers.com). “When spring arrives, we’re pleasantly surprised when those flower bulbs reward us with the treasure of colorful blooms that announce the beginning of spring.”

Garden catalogs and websites are filled with delightful new varieties of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and other spring-flowering bulbs. Generally, bigger bulbs mean bigger blooms. That’s why expert gardeners advise against buying small, less expensive bulbs, because you might be disappointed come springtime. For a great selection of flower bulbs, visit the websites of the respected companies mentioned below.


Plant Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulips for show-stopping spring color

Image of he Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mixture
Photo courtesy of John Scheeper’s

The simple act of planting plump bulbs on a sunny fall afternoon brings unsurpassed beauty and joy to spring gardens. After all, what would spring be without the easy magic of flower bulbs?

The Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mixture is an exclusive blend of white, ivory, yellow, orange, pink, red and two-tone Tulips that ignites spring gardens with incomparable color and impact. Just $15.75 for 25, or $39.50 for 100, the Giant Darwin Hybrid Tulip Mixture is but one of 20 stunning tulip blends available exclusively from John Scheepers for easy fall planting and big spring reveals. John Scheeper’s vast collection of over 800 exhibition-quality Dutch tulips, narcissi, allium, muscari, hyacinths, lilies and herbaceous peonies makes even novice gardeners’ dreams a reality.

To place an order, request a free Beauty from Bulbs catalog or for personal assistance in helping to plan your family’s garden, call 860-567-0838 or visit www.johnscheepers.com.


Bravoure daffodil adds elegance to spring gardens

Trumpet Daffodil Bravoure has white flowers accented with a perfectly formed lemon-yellow trumpet
Photo courtesy of Van Engelen

Trumpet Daffodil Bravoure is an elegant, award-winning addition to spring gardens. Standing up to 18” tall, Bravoure has exquisite 5” white flowers accented with a perfectly formed lemon-yellow trumpet. It is even more lovely when underplanted with Muscari latifolium (shown in photo). Narcissus Bravoure is available from www.vanengelen.com in units of 50 bulbs for $38.00 or 250 bulbs for $174.25. Muscari latifolium bulbs are 100 for $11.75 or 1,000 for $104.50. Special volume discounts on larger quantities are available on request.

Supplying the most comprehensive collection of best Dutch flower bulbs at wholesale prices to professional horticulturists across the U.S., Van Engelen specializes in classic heirloom varieties as well as exciting new tulips, narcissi, allium, crocus, camassia, fritillaria, galanthus, other hard-to-find and rare flower bulbs and herbaceous peonies.

Landscape architects, designers and professional horticulturists may contact Van Engelen for personal help in planning historic garden restorations, massive naturalized plantings and private exhibition gardens. Orders may be packed by client or planting site, and special quotations can be provided for quantities of individual varieties in excess of published pricing. Van Engelen never substitutes name varieties, bulb size or quality. To place an order for fall shipment or secure the 2014 Van Engelen Wholesale Price List, call 860.567.8734 or visit www.vanengelen.com.


Crocus blooms greet the new spring season

Image of colorful crocus blooms from High Country Gardens.
Photo courtesy of High Country Gardens

As the snow melts, colorful crocus blooms are the first flowers to greet the new spring season. But you won’t enjoy these delightful harbingers of spring if you don’t plant crocus bulbs into the ground in the fall.

Simply dig a hole 2-4 inches deep and drop in a bulb. Crocus flowers only get 3 inches tall, so put them at the front of flower beds where they can be easily seen. Then, just as the snow begins to yield to gradually warming days, Crocus chrysanthus ‘Advance’ bulbs will push their bi-color blossoms up toward the sunlight. ‘Advance’ petals are violet on the outer side and a gentle yellow on the inside, giving them an exotic, designer look. These tiny gems thrive throughout USDA Zones 4-8 in full to partial sun. A bag of 25 Crocus ‘Advance’ bulbs sells for $7.95 from www.highcountrygardens.com.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center