(HIT) – If you are looking for a perfect garden setting to entertain, relax, or just get a breath of fresh air, Fifthroom.com has an array of Ramada’s and other outdoor structures that deserve your consideration.

These incredibly sturdy outdoor structures can be freestanding in the yard or on a deck, or can be attached to a residence. They are large enough to accommodate a seating area, or you can easily add a barbecue or fireplace for outdoor dining. For homeowners serious about their home entertainment, electrical receptacles and switches can also be added to the structure.

Image of a Ramada by Fifthroom
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The 12′ x 12′ pressure treated Pine model is shown here with a single roof and no deck. Features include 6″ post trim, 30-year asphalt shingles in a cool Charcoal Gray, with River Birch stain, and cupola. Sizes and kits are available from 10′ x 10′ models to an extra large 20′ x 40′ model.

The Ramada is also available in the popular no maintenance vinyl, a building material that requires virtually no upkeep! Vinyl, which is technically called Polyvinyl chloride, or simply PVC, is the most common construction plastic in the world. It is used for pipes, wires, siding signs, ceiling tiles, and unlike wood will not warp, twist, bow, crack, splinter, and never needs to be painted.

Because of its great durability, strength and versatility, vinyl makes a fantastic material for an outdoor structure.

The Ramada is build to withstand 140 mph winds and 45 lbs. per square foot snow loads with its 5″ x 5″ Glue laminated posts, and 2′ x 8′ triple header beam with braces. Roof framing is included as well as mounting brackets for concrete and decks.

Fifthroom.com, one of the leading outdoor furnishings manufacturers employs personal project advisors to help customers choose materials and design their structure. With Fifthroom.com you can makes the process work the way you want. Be your own landscape architect, or define your own space and needs with the help of a project advisor by simply calling them at 1-888-293-2339.

As nearly everyone is pulled outdoors to enjoy the sun and fresh air, it is no wonder that available materials are expanding to meet the demand for an ever increasing range of enclosures and attachments.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center