Property Owner Relies On Unique Multi-Fold Door Hardware To Deliver Form And Function

(HIT) – George Lipp describes himself as a “hands-on property owner.” His holdings include several houses in the San Francisco area, including a three-story, pre-1900 Victorian located in the city’s famed Mission District. A fire at that property required he do some rebuilding and make repairs, so he also took the occasion to address a neglected, 74-inch-wide double door opening he saw as a potentially dramatic focal point on the home’s main floor.

“The earlier owner had simply roughed-in a wall to fill half the door’s opening and had installed a bland, single door to fill the remaining space,” Lipp said. “I saw a huge opportunity, as the opening was located in a prime area of the house that separated the dining room and adjacent living space.”

But Lipp felt his enthusiasm wane when he realized that installing conventional French doors would mean he’d need to sacrifice several square feet of floor space so the doors could open and close – not an option given the layouts of the two rooms. Also, while the city lost the home’s records in the 1906 earthquake and fire, Lipp determined the door opening was on a load-bearing wall, so he ruled out any solution that required pocket or sliding doors. The option he liked was a multi-panel “accordion” solution that would allow users to simply slide a series of door panels to either side of the opening.

Image of the Johnson Hardware 100RD Multi-Fold Door Hardware Set
Lipp used the Johnson Hardware 100RD Multi-Fold Door Hardware Set to hang eight, solid-panel doors. The result is a beautiful and functional solution that creates a dramatic focal point without stealing floor space from either room.

“I liked the multi-panel solution but was concerned about whether I could get hardware that was up to the job,” Lipp said. “I certainly wasn’t going to do anything that compromised the look and feel of the house – such as using lighter, hollow-panel doors – so I found myself stymied for a while. I needed something aesthetically pleasing that could take the weight of eight, eight-inch-wide solid wood panels. Then Johnson Hardware popped into my head.

“I’d used Johnson Hardware products for several pocket door installations and had never found anything even close to their quality or to their depth of offerings that provide solutions for unconventional door installations,” he said. “That flexibility is important when you’re dealing with a home that is more than 100 years old.”

Lipp then contacted the company and explained his situation. The customer service person there recommended the Model 100RD Multi-Fold Door Hardware Set. It can accommodate 12 panels, each up to 24 inches wide and weighing up to 50 lbs. Those specs appealed to Lipp.

“Johnson Hardware is so robust, I knew I could confidently hang my eight-inch solid wood panels,” he said. The 100RD set can handle huge installations – far bigger than most people would ever do – so I knew it was well more than sufficient for my job.”

Lipp says the installation was quick and simple, and he even liked the company’s “minimalist” packaging that he sees as good for the environment. Mostly, though, he says he’s pleased with the outcome.

Image of the Johnson Hardware 100RD Multi-Fold Door Hardware Set
Closed panels reveal hinges that have a clean, understated appearance. Some light passes between the panels and makes the closed entryway less forbidding.

“Thanks in large part to Johnson Hardware, I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out,” he said. “I got the dramatic focal point I was looking for, I have a space-saving solution that maximizes the usable space in both rooms, and I have tenants who love having functional panels that are easy to open and close.“

The Model 100RD Multi-Fold Door Hardware Set includes everything required for a multi-door installation. It is a top-hung system, with heavy-duty ball bearing “tricycle” hangers that distribute weight equally and support heavy, solid-core door panels. It’s machine-turned nylon wheels provide smooth feather-touch operation, and the door track design makes unwanted wheel jump-offs virtually impossible.

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Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center