Sponsor your Home Improvement Product with a Feature article on the Home Improvement Time Editorial website to gain year long exposure to the media.

Home Improvement Time is an industry sponsored public information program, providing editorial publicity for products and services used inside … outside … and all around the home.

Newspaper and news source editors rely on Home Improvement Time feature articles and news releases as an expert story source … a source they’ve trusted since 1966. Editors appreciate the flexible formatting, high-quality, timely distribution and focused nature of the story material received through the Home Improvement Time program.

Editorial Material Website GuidesEditorial publicity sponsors rely on the Home Improvement Time program for cost-effective exposure, with feature stories e-mailed twice each year to U.S. daily and weekly newspapers and news sources to alert of new material available on the editorial website… plus 24/7/365 news release distribution via e-mail and RSS … and immediate national exposure through our Home Improvement News and Information Center.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to review the editorial publicity opportunities available through Home Improvement Time, contact us to reserve your space before the deadline. *See download button at the bottom of this page.

Here’s what you can expect from Home Improvement Time program participation:

  • Extensive newspaper coverage (Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter participation cycles) for one small investment!
  • Formatted, story material e-mailed twice each year to nearly all U.S. daily and weekly newspapers and news sources.
  • Year-long exposure—repeat original material or submit new story material for your second distribution cycle—your choice at no additional cost.
  • Feature story text and high-resolution image files available to editors 24x7x365—in a variety of popular formats (TXT, RTF, JPG and HTML all contained in one ZIP file) through H.I.T.’s online story library.
  • News Release Posting Service—Free to Feature Service participants throughout each distribution cycle.
  • Direct, immediate national exposure.
  • Qualified interest from editors who appreciate our single-subject format and look forward to our e-mailed H.I.T. Editorial Material Website Guides each season.
  • Expert guidance gained through 48 years of continuous service to the home improvement and publishing industries.

H.I.T. provides 24x7x365 trackable access
(by media and consumers) to program assets for one full year …

Sponsor features and news releases appear in the Home Improvement Time Story Library for one full year, where editors can preview your articles, download text and high-resolution image files in many popular formats, add their names to our e-mail notification list, subscribe to RSS newsfeeds, update contact information, offer feedback and more.

Real-time tracking tools monitor media activity and consumer exposure to each sponsor’s messages. Sponsors can request a “Activity Report” reporting number of downloads, who downloaded, locations and date/times.

Content is Copy-Paste protected encouraging editors to login and to protect the content from un-tracked usage by visitors.

If you would like to contact us for any information regarding Sponsorship please fill in the email form below with your question and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Here’s more information about Sponsorship and program details.   

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