Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

(HIT) – Spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming and sun showers are replacing unwelcomed snow. As you put away your winter necessities, earthkind is releasing their seasonal First Saturday initiative.

While you welcome the mild Spring weather by opening your doors and windows, you are also welcoming the perfect opportunity for mice to enter your home. While this may mark as common sense, many are unaware of the fact that rodents have the ability to bring 35 known diseases, cause 8% of all house fires and give up to 600,000 bites per year.

The good news: earthkind’s First Saturday initiative provides necessary home-maintenance strategies to prevent the invasion of these rodents and creative ways to prepare your home for the coming season. Below please find some simple tips to help your readers prepare for what lies ahead:

  • Clean out air conditioning vents
  • Clean flower boxes and buy new seeds to plant indoor plants and flowers
  • Inspect roof for damaged shingles to prevent leaking during heavy rainfall
  • Inspect and make necessary repairs to your camper/RV as you prepare it for the season
  • Replace traps and poisons with rodent repellent, such as Fresh Cab®
  • Deposit winter decorations into storage and label boxes
  • Dust and shampoo curtains and blinds
  • Make sure your recreational modes of transportation are ready for use; scooters, bicycles, etc.

Properly check backyard fence for any holes or other damages.

To access the full checklist specific to city, suburb or rural living situation, please visit the follow link http://resources.earth-kind.com/first-saturday-seasonal-maintenance-checklists. Please let us know if you would like to receive a sample of Fresh Cab, or speak with earthkind Founder and CEO Kari Warberg Block about this topic.

About earthkind, Inc.
earthkind’s mission is to preserve the good and prevent the rest. earthkind™ develops and manufactures naturally-efficient solutions for indoor home maintenance, including rodent and odor control. Its products give consumers choices that are safer and more effective than their toxic counterparts. earthkind products are third-party verified for safety/efficacy before being introduced to the market. To learn more about earthkind please visit www.earth-kind.com.

About Fresh Cab
Kari Warberg Block, founder and CEO of earthkind, was a farmer’s wife from North Dakota dealing with a rodent problem when she discovered that certain perfume scents actually repelled them. Block, and earthkind, is now best known for the invention and commercialization of Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent, the first and only natural repellent product to gain Federal EPA certification for indoor use. Fresh Cab is so effective in repelling rodents that it is used by commercial customers such as John Deere, but also safe enough around children and pets that it is used by a quickly expanding number of families for protecting their homes, vehicles, storage and other property.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center

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