(HIT) – Have you ever observed the mystic of a classic steamer trunk as part of a colorful living room, bedroom, or sitting area decor? It’s difficult not to wonder what treasure might be tucked away inside, what secrets, and far away romances that simple piece of furniture might have seen.

Image of a Maple Steamer Trunk from Fifthroom.com
Photo courtesy of Fifthroom.com

Fifthroom.com has a complete collection of steamer trunks and oak and cedar chests available online to help you decorate your home or apartment. Identified from cedar chests and oak chests, the steamer, like the stunning maple chest show here, boasts brass hardware on the corners, joints, and latches and often are adorned with leather straps, a perfect arena for possible contents like love letters, old photos, albums, and mementos. Even grandma’s lace wedding veil couldn’t find a safer nor handier place to rest.

Stored at the end of a bed or in an office, going through your sincerest mementos will no longer be a dig through the bottom of the closet. You’ll find yourself enjoying your treasures more often because you will be able to keep them in full view.

Chests in bedrooms additionally can serve for linen storage and out of season clothing. Cedar is not only rot and decay resistant but also naturally repels moths keeping your fabrics fresh and beautiful. Also, when the seasons change and they do, what better place to quickly draw out a sweet cedar scented warm blanket. The durability of oak makes it a perfect chest for storing children’s clothing and toys, with a balance of rustic aura and style.

Cherry chests exude luxury. As one of the most sought after woods, for everything from fine furniture to flooring, cherry will add warmth and comfort to any room, as well as provide wonderful place to keep precious heirlooms.

Chests and trunks of any material can serve double duty as coffee tables, side tables, and even bed side tables. Consider a coffee table in the family room that stores puzzles, games, and playing cards. Add a couple of pillows and you have a perfect window seat.

Whether you are looking to solve small-space design issues or to add more classic appeal to your expansive floor plan, using steamer trunks, cedar chest and oak chests is an ideal solution. Fifthroom.com, an online retailer of handcrafted home and garden leisure furnishing is a top source of for beautiful and durable cedar chest and trunks.

Log on to Fifthroom.com or call 1-888-293-2339 today to see what catches your fancy. Shopping for current specials, color selections, and with shipping details for your choice of beautiful natural wood trunks and steamers.

Courtesy: Home Improvement News and Information Center