(HIT) – When it comes to your home’s exterior, you have an opportunity to change the color only every so often – maybe once a decade if you applied a long-lasting 100% acrylic latex paint.

Image of a colorful home with newly painted walls
Courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute

Not so with the interior: If you want to change your wall color on a whim, you can do so this weekend. That’s part of the beauty of interior painting – it’s quick, easy, and very affordable – really, the perfect home beautification project for do-it-yourselfers.

If your interest in painting is piqued, your timing is terrific, according to Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute.

“Early summer is a great time to spice up your decor with some fresh interior wall color,” she says. “You can paint with the windows open to enjoy the smells and sounds of the out-of-doors. And when you’re done, your beautiful new wall color will make you feel as if you’re on vacation without ever leaving home.”

If you’re stumped on color choice, Zimmer says there’s a simple formula for summertime painters: Choose wall color that looks natural in your part of the country.

Just look out the window for inspiration. Take in the sky, the foliage, even the birds and the butterflies. Your eye will naturally be drawn to a color you love. Take a picture that accurately depicts the color and bring the photo along when you shop for your paint.

Image of a colorful home with newly painted walls
Courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute

Tints and shades of green and blue are good summer color choices in all parts of the country since they evoke foliage, sky, and water. What’s more: According to color psychologists, these hues are among the most relaxing colors, making them ideal for summer living.

What if you’re not a fan of green or blue and live in the desert? Walls painted beige or brown will blend perfectly with your surroundings. Furthermore, this down-to-earth color family conveys feelings of warmth, solidity, and protection – tailor-made for the home environment.

If you’re a sun lover, you can figuratively bring the sunshine in by painting your walls a pleasing yellow tone. Yellow can make an interior space more cheerful, which means that you can enjoy the good vibe even on a cloudy day. . .or when stuck inside next winter!

After giving careful thought selecting the right color to use on your summer painting project, you’ll want to be just as careful choosing the right type of interior paint to apply

Zimmer says that zeroing in on the right paint is simple: Just choose a top quality interior wall paint made with 100% acrylic. Compared to ordinary paints, these coatings adhere better, hide better, resist fading, have better stain resistance, and are easier to clean if and when they get soiled.

Take time to select a color you love and buy the right wall paint. . .and your summer painting project will go swimmingly. Before you know it, you’ll be back enjoying your favorite leisure activity knowing that you’ve given a super summer look to your home!

For more advice on interior painting and color selection, visit the Paint Quality Institute blog at blog.paintquality.com or go to www.paintquality.com.


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