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New Brentwood® HET from Mansfield Plumbing

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Mansfield Plumbing has introduced the Brentwood® high efficiency toilet (HET) that is WaterSense® compliant, with a certification pending.

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Tub Tidbits

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Rectangular bathtubs are in, corner models are out, and chromatherapy has changed the bathing experience by adding mood colors. Those are just some of the fun, quirky facts...

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Longest-Tenured Mansfield Plumbing Employee Marks 53 Years with Company

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What keeps a loyal employee steadily working at a company for 53 years? For F. Eugene (Gene) Oswalt, who celebrates 53 years with Mansfield Plumbing on June 4th, it's the people and steady work.

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Summer Employee Finds Long-Term Career at Mansfield Plumbing

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When Eric Young got a summer job making $6.75 an hour in 1987 at Mansfield Plumbing, he had no idea it would turn into a life-long career opportunity.