(HIT) – With each passing year, it seems that more construction materials are made of PVC Plastic. Lightweight and easy to install, yet durable and largely maintenance free, PVC products include window frames and sashes, soffit and fascia, decking, railings, fences, latticework, and more (not to mention vinyl siding).

For the most part, PVC plastic retains its color over time. But the need to paint it does come up in two circumstances:

  1. When the plastic weathers to the point that “chalk” (released pigment) appears on the surface and the color needs freshening; and
  2. When there is a desire to change the color entirely.

If painting some PVC is on your to—do list, take a moment to get a “feel” for the type of paint you’ll need by running your hand across the plastic. The slick, slippery surface can spell trouble for some ordinary paints, while others are engineered with extra adhesion so they’ll perform admirably on PVC.

Image of painted plastics with the proper acrylic paint for plastics
Courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute

Putting paint products to the test in real-world conditions is a big part of what we do at the Paint Quality Institute. Some of those tests are designed to see which type of paints perform best on PVC plastic.

What we’ve learned is that all top quality 100% acrylic latex exterior paints clearly outperform other types of paint when applied to PVC material. That’s no coincidence: The acrylic “binder” in these paints has exceptional adhesion, so it enables the paint to get a tight grip on all exterior materials, even slick PVC.

Remember, you don’t have to own an “all-vinyl’ house to be faced with the challenge of painting plastic” Nearly every home exterior has some PVC, and sooner or later, it will be will have to be painted. Stick with 100%acrylic latexc paint and you will get the best adhesion to successfully paint this material.

To learn more about acrylic deck coatings, including information on surface preparation and application techniques, visit the Paint Quality Institute website at www.paintquality.com.

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